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Not only does Anupama’s outfit qualify her for a “WTHeyy”, but seriously, what IS with that strange bag flaunting pose that she insists on every time there is a flash going off …



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  1. LOL btw u guys forgot to mention how we can see her underthings…again.

    maybe she shud just convert that bag into a clutch, at least her stance will look better…but then again, that’s just wishful thinking, she may come up with an even worse pose

  2. Her head looks big to me, or is it the hair style? Did someone told her to hold the bag that way, don’t understand what made her hold that way repeatedly.
    Her dress outfit reminds me of belly dancers and the group of people moving around making a living out of singing-dancing in Hindi movies, maybe called Banjara, not sure.

  3. I have know Anupama or punna for 20 years, sweet heart. That she has stylist who needs to be sacked is another story. ….case of being too busy and listening to your stylist for you wardrobe tips is obvious.

  4. anupama looks like she should be on the I Dream of Jeanie tv program. she is a pretty girl but there doesn’t seem to be any hope for her sartorially

  5. EWWWW I want to puke and then puke some more and than some more
    Puh-lease isn’t she an ex-model? She doesn’t even know how to dress!!! Those 20 years of her modelling career have gone to waste!

    A Disaster!!!


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