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So, Madhuri Dixit wears another ghastly sari while receiving her Padma Shri Award, and Shabana Azmi repeats her, what seems to be favorite earrings yet again at the re-release of “Kaifiyat…a state of mind and both leave us wondering why-oh-why??!!

Having said that, while we don’t always agree with the fashion choices these ladies make, its so hard to hold it against them! For now anyway…

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  1. Love the sari on Madhuri, she pulled with grace. The makeup is done so over the top….Shabana need to fix her eyebrows, whenever I see her she looks so evil to me..and who wears those big hoops at the age she is at…she must be like everyone wears it why not me ! Look at kiron kher she is wonderfully subtle n elegant and classy in her style.

  2. I disagree..I don’t think Madhuri was able to carry the sari with grace. It is an awful sari and I think the whole look, not just the make-up, is over the top. Regardless, she and Shabana are fabulous and I hope they keep doing what they do best for more years to come!

  3. Madhuri has not draped the saree well , I cant figure out that printed brocade matching the blouse , is it part of the saree or underneath it.

    I think for a state function of this level , the saree looks very evening partyish and glittery , maybe something more subtle but resplendent would be more suitable and of stiffer material would have draped better.

  4. Congrats to Madhuri for the award, but yet another disappointment in the clothing dept., which isn’t a surprise though.
    Shabana Azmi is another one of the few celebs, who I expect less in terms of clothing/styling. When I look at this photo of her, the first thing I see are those earings, please throw them away. I like the salwar kameez. Lucky people in India, I want a whole lot of cotton in a good price.

  5. Nik dude if you are a guy and suggesting all this to Madhuri a applaud for you from my side. Knowing so much details about women and fashion and not to mention the gravity part !


    @ woot sublte for kiran kher for her makeup of course ! Some things needs to be understood in the fashion lingo without people to write the ramayan !

  6. I think Maddy’s Sari’s is nice but her hair / makeup is very saas bahu. I think she needs a summer makeover ! A short bob and dark eyes with only lipgloss.

    The same sari would’ve looked heaven on Rekha !

  7. Once again, I think Madhuri’s Sari is just amazingly funky. I absolutely think she’s looks really fun- it’s the picture that’s doing her injustice. Post a better picture with less flash next time!!!

  8. I wish Mads had chosen a pure silk dark traditional Benarasi/Kanjeevaram or Paithani. Forest green/ Plum/ Cobalt blue. Those colors make her shine. This one is very film premiere partyish. Funnily enough, when I saw the news video of her receiving the award, the sari looked terrific. The lack of flash photography made a diff. She looks gorgeous as ever!

    Shabana’s earrings scare me lol.

  9. I agree with Pitu here. traditional saris wouldda worked on Mads… this one is just tacky and see-through is SO past her age/body type.

  10. Nadia – If I wanted to bask in the glory of precious Madhuri, I would go to her fan site. I said how i felt and i thought this website had to do with clothes and fashion and the like

    Unless I get a code of conduct stated to me where all of you can enlist the celebrities whom we can bash for everything and anything and some celebs who we should sing the praises of regardless of how tacky and horrid their clothes and makeup are…i will continue to give in my 2 cents


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