Bejewelled Serpents: A Face Off

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While Portia De Rossi made a statement with her jewelled serpent gown, Karishma and Malaika went with just a hint of it on their dresses! Who looked better?

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  1. I don’t even like Karisma’s dress, but I still vote for her. Gawd the purple is hurting is hurting my eyes big time!

  2. malaika’s dress looks like it was picked up in sarojini on the streetside. dont u think malaika looks worn and tired? her face has got this starved look. and i used to like her alot. so this is awful, coming from me!

  3. yeh, ur right “the mad momma” (LOL) malaika DOES look washed out.

    but even if the dress colour wasn’t so terrible, i like karishma’s serpent stuck where it is.

  4. karishma looks gorgeous!! i love the simplicity of this dress. the serpent is jsut at the right spot.

    malaika looks blah! i never say that but lately i’m just so sick of her. shes like the victoria beckham of india! she needs to eat, spent time with her kid, dress approriately and just chill! its getting too much now!

  5. I thought Karishma’s dress was a full length dress, don’t like any of the dresses, but comparatively, Karishma’s dress with the serpent detail is better.
    The light of the room and camera light/quality also play a huge role in the quality of the photos. If you look at the Falguni & Shane Peacock collection in Mumbai and LA, the garments look more desirable in LA due to the light. So I am thinking, could it be the light that made her look worse other than the outfit?

  6. Mallu is a freind, but this is a bad pic of her. If you see both in real life, Mallu oozes sex appeal, and Karishma comes across as a very bland, white woman. Bad pic of Mallu, outfit may have looked better under better light.

  7. i prefer malaikas

    i must admit though, as of late karishma has been dressing and looking amazing, what is her secret? the same as kareena, starving and working out, hmmm but i gotta admit she looks so much better than she did in her movies

    m a k looks hot as usual, man some people really do seem to have it all!!!

  8. Of course Karishma wins in this round. She is looking better every day. I am just glad to see Malaika covered up, I do not want to see her bra/panty in a “dress” for the umpteenth time.

  9. As much as I adore Karisma Kapoor, I really wish she would eat a bagel and get her sister to eat one too! When your head starts looking way too inflated for your have got to stop the dieting!!!

    I don’t really like either of the dresses, Karisma’s playing it too safe- LBD-so obvious and Malaika’s way too gaudy.

  10. Love Karisma’s outfit and serpent detail. I think her figure is absolutely perfect, I don’t find her super skinny at all. Malaika just looks like a Vegas showgirl. What’s new in that? She stopped dressing well a long time ago.

  11. I saw Malaika wearing this horrible outfit on a tv show. To be fair to her it was appropriate for the show and she looked amazing. It’s not really fair to compare these two dresses as they are supposed to be worn in completely different contexts.


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