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Off the red carpet too Deepika kept things interesting, giving us a whole range of looks from a suit to a voluminous dress. Though these are the only images we were able to get our hands on, it was enough to pick a favorite or two. While she wore all of the looks featured below well, it was her look in the striped Loewe suit and white Philosophy separates that stood out to me most; she looked great in them!

Deepika Padukone At Cannes
L To R: In Loewe, Off White, Philosophy And Erdem

Photo Credit: Instagram

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  1. I don’t like to do a comparison but a brief look at her Cocktail co-star, Diana Penty’s instagram and all of Miss Padukone’s off the red carpet looks fall flat. I only liked her in the Loewe suit, the Off White is just so wannabe, the Philosophy separates are meh, and the Erdem, well I don’t know what to make of it, there is just too much going on.

  2. am I the only one who didn’t understand the design of the black dress? what is that hanging black thing below the neon bustier? where did the white material come from in the skirt? i liked her in the philosophy separates though.. looks good!

  3. Deepika is trying so hard to stand out, it’s so obvious and ott, reminds me of her wedding. I can see the rationale with so many people attending this year.

  4. So much hate for her. To everyone who tells about trying too hard – what does it mean? Why shouldn’t she? Her industry is SO competitive, she HAS to stay ahead of the game. Cannes is only a glamorous platform for her, nothing to prove acting-wise. She has the physique for a model and can try na! I’m a fashion novice but all I can say is if I like a look or not. What do all these – trying too hard, looks falling flat? Penty looked good and so did she and I’m appalled at the hypocrisy being meted out here – penty wears a normal feathery gown? yayy! DP does something out of the norm? BOOOO

    • Ok I will be very objective here. DP had her, in my opinion, most scintillating moment in Cannes back in 2017 (I think I wrote about it in another post) with the emerald/jade green Brandon Maxwell gown. It was a jawdropping moment for me and Deepika looked like a Goddess. She also looked great in Marchesa. Moreover, even her off the red carpet looks were compelling, youthful and fun. At those set of Cannes’ appearances in 2017, her stylist was Elizabeth Saltzman, who also styled for XXX Xander Cage Promotions. Saltzman really got the idea that Deepika needs to be presented as a star. I think DP needs to hire a stylist who can really show off her beauty/appeal to not just India but Hollywood studios as well who are always on the lookout for the next face. I genuinely think she can get more work outside India (it is up to her is she wishes to) but the point I am making is that she has made a push not just at Cannes but in the US (at the Met, her collab with Vogue online). Take a page out of PC’s book, although Mimi Cuttrell is kinda messing things up recently. But do remember, that PC’s stylist helped her establish a relationship with Ralph Lauren that gave PC two stunning Met Gala appearances and a custom bridal gown. Deepika’s style is OK for India and I am sure Shaleena can manage it but if DP wants to make it outside, she really needs to find someone who can present her better and who gets how a non-western actor has to be presented to Hollywood. Couching your client in oodles of fabric and mediocre clothes won’t cut it. As far as comparisons with Miss Penty are concerned, yes we can call her the Ingénue who appeared at Cannes and stunned us all. Diana was usually on point in India but we could seldom have imagined her appearing at Cannes and turning the volume up quite a few notches. Not all her looks have been great but she really has given us moments that have left everyone else by the wayside. I think Deepika needs to step up her game. This was her fourth year at Cannes and we saw her move sideways not forward. I believe that this era of big dresses is over, it is very LADY GAGA from 2010-2020. Gaga did a spoof of it at the Met herself with that whole strip down from the overblown parachute down to her lingerie. I really think Deepika can emulate, not copy, a Tilda Swinton or a Blake Lively. She has the presence for it. My problem is that her stylist is trying to find the most outlandish stuff for her and using her as a clothes mule. I am sure Deepika has an opinion and her own choice, but in the COMPETITIVE INDUSTRY, she cannot play it safe or goofy or OTT. She has to find a brand. I was not a fan of the pink Ashi Studio gown she wore last year. It doesn’t allow producers to see her as she would look on screen. Think Gal Gadot. Yes a caucasian white actor from Israel, but an outsider who presented the image of a goddess and landed the biggest blockbuster for a woman in Hollywood. I think Deepika needs to consider a consulting stylist from outside India. Her last two appearances at Cannes and all her appearances at the Met have done nothing for her brand (outside India). OK RANT OVER.

      • As a follow up, Saltzman is currently styling Saoirse Ronan who is the next big fashion icon after Cate Blanchett. Ronan of course is an incredible actress but has really stepped up her fashion game and her work with Saltzman shows.

      • I have liked Deepika’s Cannes outfits si far but I do wish Deepika stuck to Elizabeth Saltzman not just for international appearances but for the local ones too. Shaleena sucks!

      • Thank you. I get what you are saying now. I personally think (again this is a very personal opinion) that DP isn’t particularly taken with hollywood. I wonder if she is actually looking for a big thing there…it takes a lot to convert to Hollywood – lifestyle, personality, more exposure both physically and emotionally. My own (again, nothing official at all) is that she didn’t like her Hollywood outing/didn’t go as planned/found the unpleasant bit too much for her very organized, slightly-shy, very grounded and desi-girl personality. Nothing wrong with any of it, after all the rigors of hollywood are not for everyone. And I’m a big fan of her. (you can tell by my comments)
        So with all that personal bias, all I looked for is if she looked nice, which she did. That’s why the extent of hate and dismissal was a bit of a shock to me! You are perhaps more involved in this, but I’m just a perfunctory consumer of bollywood and fashion 🙂 Thank you for being objective and patient and not ripping people apart for difference of opinions.

        • I can see it from your perspective. PC has a natural flair/confidence about her that developed early on thanks to her pageant background. That is why she has done very well on American Television. Deepika is clearly far more guarded/introverted in certain ways and yes, it did show in her interviews. American hosts are very forward, blunt and sarcastic and one needs to have a quick wit to handle them. I would recommend you to see PC’s interview with Joy Behar recently on the view where she really shut down Behar’s rude questions very smartly. I don’t think Deepika has that quick sense of repartee, which is not a bad thing, but can come across as timidity on US television. I also see that Deepika, unlike PC, is far more committed to her career in India than looking for projects overseas – perhaps yes for her peace of mind (she has spoken of her struggles with depression). That is good for her. But for the next year, when she comes back to Cannes, I hope to see her do something different. She did the big dress with Ashi Studio in 2018 already. I really want to see her change it up.


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