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Saree Shopping With Shobitam

If you are looking for an exclusive range of wedding collection silk sarees in unique designs, silk mark certified quality, exceptional service then Shobitam.com is the perfect match for you!

Shobitam, a name of Sanskrit origin means “Grace” and brainchild of designer sisters, Aparna and Ambika.

Creating waves in the global ethnic fashion market as one of the fastest-growing direct-to-consumer, Shobitam has recently launched its exquisite wedding collections of sarees, bridal blouses, and jewelry to redefine wedding collections!

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Timeless Weaves for Timeless Moments – Exquisite Wedding Sarees from Shobitam
Weddings are always a special occasion. What adds flavor to this momentous day is the awe-inspiring attire that goes with it. Transform yourself into a Goddess on the best day of your life with a plush and opulent wedding saree. Mix contemporary fashion and traditional heritage for the many pre and post-wedding festivities and celebrations. Choose from the diverse range of wedding saree styles available at Shobitam including the traditional weaves like Authentic Banarasi Silk Sarees or Gorgeous Kanchipuram Silks or Gadwal Silks Grandeur that are SILK MARK CERTIFIED for best quality. Your wedding trousseau is something that will forever evoke a sea of emotions and will be remembered for the rest of your life. Hence, it needs to be chosen with the utmost care to be the epitome of perfection.

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Redefine Wedding Outfits with Shobitam
Go traditional, minimalistic, subtle, or flamboyant with a broad spectrum of designs and patterns available on our online collection at Shobitam. Besides the contemporary red bridal saree, there are many other options to choose from that include skillful designs and glamorous textures. Explore these beautiful designs in the beautiful shades and traditional motifs of Kanjivarams, Gadwals, Banarasi, and Chanderi which have a regal, timeless appeal to provide a classic look. Shobitam also offers Men’s wear collections to make the perfect matching outfits with premium quality Kurta sets that make the bride and groom the perfect couple for the occasion!

Reduce your Hassle with Custom Bridal Blouses at Shobitam.com

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The Shobitam team understands your specific needs when you look to buy wedding sarees online and the custom bridal blouse to complement them for the perfect accessory. At Shobitam, they offer a wide range of custom blouse stitching options with bridal zardosi work with every saree. Shobitam brings the best of blouse designs or can do any design of your choice and the perfect fit for your requirements once you have chosen your saree. They make sure that your wedding shopping becomes a grand experience.

** This is a paid advertisement. High Heel Confidential is not liable for any experience you may have when dealing with the advertiser/retailer.

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Of Promotions

More promotions for her upcoming movie saw Vidya sport 4 more looks. Loved her in the Chettinaad cotton one instantly.

In a Chettinaad Handloom Saree, Dot, Rivaaj & Gulabo Jaipur

Photo Credit: Instagram

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Sari Style

Dimple watched a play on Saturday evening with Twinkle, Akshay and Aarav wearing a vibrant ikat sari paired with turquoise jewellery.

Loved everything about this look!

Dimple Kapadia at A Play

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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Beyond Six Yards: Championing The #Sari

Way before #SariNotSorry was trending on Instagram, many young Indians were already, albeit silently, championing the sari.

I remember when Sabyasachi launched his flagship store in Calcutta back in 2010, his invite was the talk of town. A sepia-tinted tin container inside which stood a rolled handloom sari, accompanied by a simple handwritten note. He was on the mission to ‘Save the Sari’. Back then, I didn’t quite believe the sari was an endangered species (I was living in Calcutta and surrounded by elegant women draped impeccably in six yards) but in the last few years, I have begun to understand why the sari needs so much saving.

Not different from Sabyasachi, High Heel Confidential has been a crusader of the sari, championing the cause right from the early days of the blog until now, 10 years later. It’s no secret that Priyanka & Payal love themselves a good sari spotting. “You will always hear us give props to those who chose to wear the garment and if you look at all our celebrity sari posts, you may find that we’ve been a wee bit more biased there! If we wrote about fashion that was India-centric, how can we omit the sari which is such a central piece of the whole story?”

Thus unravelled a sari story on HHC, the first few chapters of which were part organic and part deliberate. P&P admit that they have decided to make a conscious decision to give the sari as much exposure as they can. “The idea was to share the craft behind the garment as we ourselves learn more about this unassuming, often-underrated garment. We would like to get to a point where we can answer any basic question you may have about the sari. The mission is to make the sari ubiquitous, approachable, accessible and most importantly relatable and relevant to everyone.”  

Over the years we have seen some stellar sari moments on the pages of this blog. Konkona, Mini and Maria always have P&P’s attention thanks to their effortless drapes. Aishwarya At Cannes though not recent, was definitely memorable. Roohi when she styled hers with a Gucci belt, also memorable. And Sonam Kapoor’s experiments with non-traditional saris like NorBlackNorWhite and RimZim Dadu and, of course, HHC in-house fave Anamika Khanna always has their attention piqued.

Exposure to various fashion seasons, eras of fashion, designers and the crafts have only cemented their love for the sari. The next step was to take their passion a level further and this is when High Heel Confidential signed up as an Associate Producer for one of the films of The Sari Series. The Sari Series is a digital anthology documenting India’s regional sari drapes. This is a non-profit initiative by Border&Fall and the short film we are involved with happens to be about a drape from Orissa along with a signature weave from the state. Needless to say, this makes Payal super giddy with excitement!  

At some point, when all this was happening, Priyanka & Payal consciously decided to wear more saris themselves. Shunning the notion that a sari is a hassle, they believe that there is a sari for everyone. “Find a sari that fits your style or better still, figure out a way you can wear it and make it your own. Stick to the classics and try out many of the blouse styles on offer, or go all out and pair the sari with anything from tees, crop-tops and moto-jackets… It is what you make of it!” And if you follow Priyanka and Payal on Instagram, you know these girls are walking the talk. 

Join our Beyond Six Yards movement and let’s vow to wear the sari more often. Because #SariNotSorry (or #SareeNotSorry if you prefer). 


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Dinner In Delhi: Part Deux

The President and First Lady (or POTUS/FLOTUS to some) have left the country and while there was no sighting of Michelle in a sari (even though the anticipation was huge), we did have a sari sighting from Sally Roemer (wife of the U.S. Ambassador to India) at the State Dinner hosted by President Pratibha Patil. Needless to say, the handwoven saris on the President and Sonia Gandhi were much more elegant.

Michelle herself wore a floor length skirt and blouse by Indian-American designer Rachel Roy.

Devisingh Patil, India President Pratibha Patil, U.S. President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama

Sonia Gandhi (in Grey) at the State Dinner Hosted By The President

Sally Roemer and Tim Roemer

Photo Credit: Daylife

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