Ashika On Vogue: (Un)Covered

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Love this cover! And how gorgeous does that burnt-orange Pucci gown look on Ashika? Can’t wait to see more of the editorial featuring the Kiwi model (of Indian origin).

Left: Emilio Pucci Spring 2011
Right: Ashika Pratt, Vogue India April 2011

Photo Credit: Style

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  1. i heart the gowm…everything abt it is just perfect…trust me…Sonam would hv rocked this gown…not feeling this yummy piece of clothing on Ashika….why has all these new breed of gals begun looking like clones of each other…..BORRRING…..

    • umm no.. sonam does not have the body for this dress. can we give models some credit pls? ashika looks undeniably stunning!
      ps: has the ‘clone’ comment been taken from zoya akhtar in kwk? :p i do agree with her. but according to me, sonam is part of that group too. skinny, long hair, fair, perfect colgate smile..

      • I know, right?? Why do people always assume Sonam will ‘rock’ everything? Her recent fashion disasters are enough to prove her tastes!
        That said, Ashika looks smoking hot and FIERCE, which Sonam would have dutifully spoilt with a silly smile!

  2. This is the best Vogue India cover I’ve seen so far. Looks like they’re finally getting it right. Less Bollywood more high fashion please – is that asking for too much from a fashion mag?

  3. p&p u sure she is no where close to btown?

    i mean afta eons i see a model(stunning)on a magazine…that too
    a good one…not an actor/ess

  4. The dress seems to b more lively on runway. The styling for the cover needs little tweaking i hate her expression which is so not Vogue


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