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Seeing Double


Houston, we have a problem!

Vogue just revealed its May cover featuring Ashika Pratt in a Sanchita fringe monokini. Problem is, Elle featured the same exact monokini on Deborah Priya Henry except, this cover is from May of last year.

We’d put a poll here of which is the better cover but it seems rather pointless. Both covers are just so alike. :P


Left: Vogue India, May 2014
Right: Elle India, May 2013

Photo Credit: Twitter

Ashika On Elle: (Un)Covered


It’s a close-up of Ashika in Dior for Elle’s Jan 2012 cover. It’s easy to imagine if we were to zoom out a little, the image may very well be a replica of the image in Dior’s lookbook… No?

Left: Dior, Resort 2012
Right: Ashika Pratt On Elle Jan 2012

Photo Credit: ElleNow, Style

Ashika On Vogue: (Un)Covered


Love this cover! And how gorgeous does that burnt-orange Pucci gown look on Ashika? Can’t wait to see more of the editorial featuring the Kiwi model (of Indian origin).

Left: Emilio Pucci Spring 2011
Right: Ashika Pratt, Vogue India April 2011

Photo Credit: Style



Let’s applaud the return of the models! Love this Vogue cover. You?


Gia Johnson, Nethra Raghuraman, Tinu Verghis, Ashika Pratt And Esha Gupta On Vogue, April 2010

Photo Credit: Vogue India