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  1. Malaise at | | Reply

    I beginning to think all of the South needs an intervention.

    1. Adara at | | Reply

      South? LOL ! You mean the actresses who act in South Indian movies? Because most actresses in South Indian movies (Particularly Tamil/Telugu which are the prominent ones in terms of popularity) are not from south including Tamannah, Hansika, kajal and the list goes on. Ha!

      1. AA at | | Reply

        +1 @Adara ;)

      2. kasthuri at | | Reply

        +1. Was Nayanthaara here ? Would love to see what she wore.

      3. kavya at | | Reply

        Thank you Adara ! exactly what i wanted to say :)

      4. dn at | | Reply

        +2 @ Adara

      5. blahbum at | | Reply

        +100.. but i do agree that south Indian industry actresses don’t score a lot in the fashion dept when compared to their bollywood counterparts.. but its funny how south Indian women in bollywood like dp,sridevi and even shilpa to some extent are so gorgeously dressed..
        weird right”?

        1. Saya at | | Reply

          It’s not weird , it gives a great answer to malaise’s comment on how “south” needs an intervention. Ha ha.

          1. blahbum at |

            yay!! shout out to my south girls. now lets all wear pavadai davani and dance bharathanatyam.. NOT!!

          2. Adara at |

            Pavada davani, bharathanatyam are the IN thing in North plus movies like Chennai Express are a proof to it. :P

          3. blahbum at |

            @adara – i dint know how to reply to your comment .. yes its a fad up north. its kinda sad that they think that’s what everyone in the south is like..

          4. Kld at |

            Chennai Express isn’t any form of representation of South :) it’s a joke and no more. And honestly, if one needs to see real beauty or dressing seen of the south, come to a wedding if a non celeb. Usually, there’s no glitter and there’s more silks and prints and elegance. But again there are exceptions, and again, each state in south has its own distinct scene. Very difficult to generalize. Also, movies or celebs or designer labels do not drive the fashion scene there. It’s very real and personal. Malayalam industry is a classic example. Fashion isn’t a consideration in those movies. But go to a mallu wedding, you will see the most elegantly and beautifully dressed women. (PS – I am not a malayali, so no prejudice here)

          5. Adara at |

            @Kld: Looks like the sarcasm got lost. Ha! Yeah when Shahrukh ate noodles with yogurt using his hands in Ra1, we all know B’town needs a major intervention and to think a Star like Shahrukh who wanted to just play a part in any of KamalHaasan’s movie could agree to such nonsense is even more disturbing.*smdh*

          6. kLD at |

            @Adara I did get the sarcasm but I guess my reply wasn’t worded well to express my acknowledgement :) oh I never watched ra1. Lost any liking for SRK since om shanti om days. Chennai Express – may as well have been made as Bangalore express atleast then deepika padukone has to just speak in her normal Kannada accent instead of dong such a bad job a tamil accent. Uff

    2. KLD at | | Reply

      Its hardly about south vs north. We see more likeable sights (ignoring the bling and “over the top” ness) in “north” because of the upcoming service of the stylists. While in South, that service has not picked up yet. One can really “compare” only if we all stars dress on their own.

      1. Saya at | | Reply

        Though i agree about the accessibility of resources/stylists not much available for the south indian movie industries, i hardly think stylists even matter that much by looking at how say a Ameesha Patel or a PC (i see the most comments on tackiness only on her post) shows up in HHC. Lot of well dressed actors are in South but they dont wear enough designer clothes to be featured here on HHC.

        1. KLd at | | Reply

          Agree. Similarly, without a stylist we cant be sure people like kareena kapoor will be as well turned out. Some people work their clothes on their own. The focus on clothing for celebs is much lesser in South. Honestly, I feel they are at their most elegant when they do not put any effort. Of course exceptions are there everywhere like you mentioned. Hence, this north-south differentiation is not very valid. Celeb sensibilities are very different there.

        2. kasthuri at | | Reply

          I agree with the last bit that in south they dont wear designer wear as much to be featured on HHC. And i think thats totally fine.

      2. Adara at | | Reply

        @Kld: The thing is even if it’s named Bangalore express and she speaks kannada or this accented Tamil, the bolly movie goers won’t have a clue if its any different. Ha! I know so many of them up north who think Bangalore is in Chennai and it’s all just ONE Madrasi language to them. :P So yeah. This ridiculousness/ignorance in 2013 is just plain stupid.

        1. Hana at | | Reply

          Agree. All of South is Madrasi. All south indians speak Madrasi language. All heros are Rajni clones. List goes on :)

  2. Adara at | | Reply

    The orange and the blue looks so cheap and tacky. The first one is almost a Wthey. With that lipstick and the choker she has on. The red one is a bit bearable only compared to the other two.

  3. kasthuri at | | Reply

    Cant believe Chinmayi is in a Neeta Lulla gown. It looks rather cheap and doesn’t do the talented girl any justice. It would have looked better without that layer stopping at the knees.
    Anjali on the other hand is a pleasant surprise.

  4. Nisha B at | | Reply

    Prolly Neeta Lulla rented them out for free, hence the most ugliest creations of her were paraded. The middle one is bearable but the other two are freaking horrible.

  5. Ria at | | Reply

    looks like they are all attending an indian prom. this designer seems to specialize in prom outfitting!

  6. Lemon at | | Reply

    The orange prom dress on Chinmayi is an abomination. The blue dress is the least horrible of the three. The red one is boring. All three look cheap. I dont understand how Neeta Lulla is popular.
    I also don’t understand how you guys can withhold opinion after seeing such clothes. I know you guys like to play nice but c’mon, you really should have called out the designer for these atrocities.

    1. Aarthy at | | Reply

      +1 .. We need an Indian Penal Code section for these atrocious eye sore designs..

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  8. Bongbabe at | | Reply

    Lulla needs to STOP DESIGNING. enough is enough.

    1. Vysh at | | Reply

      OMG yes! Infact, both the Lullas too. What is astounding is that there are people who buy their crap.

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  9. sukh at | | Reply

    the first one is a pretend Sabyasachi/Anamika Khanna.the second is a pretend James Ferriera/Shantanu Nikhil.and the third one is a pretend Manish Malhotra.

    1. mp at | | Reply

      And they are all REAL-ly bad!

  10. gayathri e at | | Reply

    Was the theme, atrocity??

    1. KJ at | | Reply

      That one had me in splits I can’t type LMAO

  11. Diva at | | Reply

    I hope it wasn’t telecastedabroad.. Else it was a shame to show the designers talent.
    Neeta lulla hasn’t developed here designing talent despite being in the industry for donkey years.

    Aah this is wat happens wen costume designers try to sell themselves as fashion disigners (disaster) .

  12. Diva at | | Reply

    Must also say if it was styled by a stylist.. She/he needs to go back to styling school or stop favouring fashion atrocities by Lullas and other from the same lot. For god sake don’t insult fashion.. I agree with lemon nepeta lulla shud just retire .. Pronto it will be fav to fashion industry .

  13. shwetha at | | Reply

    Tackiest, Tacky, Tack
    Neeta Lulla is getting progressively worse, I think the down hill started when she started designing Ash’s cannes attire a decade ago. she should really step down and retire before the designs get any worse, aftreall Nishka Lulla is doing a fairly decent job and carries on the name.

    That awful Orange gown brings back shudder memoris of Vidya Balan at the film fare awards before Sabya rescued her! Chinmayi – if you are reading this, please stop wearing Neeta Lulla from now on!

  14. Tehi at | | Reply

    All of them look like cheap prom dresses! Ugh!

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