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  1. pdaervo at | | Reply

    oh oh oh!! I want that SKIRT!!!
    Actually, I want the whole outfit on the left, tights included :)
    but PARROTS!!
    …I see a pirtate motif!

  2. Sej at | | Reply

    Ok so again I fear being in the minority but I don’t get this outfit-designer or no designer. It’s confusing and not pretty to the eyes. Of the the three only the first one (on the ramp it looks like) looks pleasing to the eyes.

  3. T at | | Reply

    i agree ,, both the skirt and top are busy .. a plain blouse with that skirt would be pleasing to the eye …

    Sabrina often wears Sabyasachi but is yet to wow me :(

  4. Nick at | | Reply

    I like the skirt but with the top that Sabina has on it looks too messy. A plain top with that skirt would still be better.

  5. stuti at | | Reply

    SIgh. WHat a beautiful skirt. I want.

  6. beans at | | Reply

    Don’t care which ‘Designer outfit’ she is wearing – Sabina just looks plain tacky… and off the ramp (even on the ramp it is nothing great) that skirt will look horrendous, no matter what you pair it with!

  7. charan at | | Reply

    I love the far right, Spring 2009 on the model. Awesome!

  8. padma at | | Reply

    well the skirt is nice, but she still manages to look so schoolmarmish, its sad, gucci shoes and all.

    1. maya at | | Reply


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