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  1. niki at | | Reply

    The sari is nothing to talk about. But the wig is horrible.

  2. dn at | | Reply

    What’s with that hair?? The saree looks as if it is from Garden sarees, not designer at all. This is the worst she has looked in a saree. Looks so disproportionate.

  3. nefertiti at | | Reply

    wearing a black chikankari kurta without lining… does NOT look good. though I love the fit of his chudidhar and shoes.

    PC’s sari, hair, pretty much everything is too bleah to even comment on.

  4. PeachBellini at | | Reply

    i think the color suits her, and for some reason i am liking her more here than i have ever in the recent past. though i do see what you mean by drab. i guess i would call it a relative improvement.

  5. Sonu at | | Reply

    I think she needs a new hairdresser…and FAST!!!

    I don’t mind the saree, but i’m not impressed with the blouse. It’s too mismatched for my taste…

  6. PeachBellini at | | Reply

    oh, and may i add, i totally think manish malhotra and karan johar would make a decent couple.

  7. Vishakha at | | Reply

    DRAB DRAB DRAB! So disappointed! She could do so much better..she needs to befriend Sonam Kapoor pronto!

  8. Surbhi at | | Reply

    dont liek the saree, dont like the pose and HATE the hair.. she needs to brighten up quickly

  9. cooks at | | Reply

    the color of saree is beautiful, the pattern not so much.

  10. chuck bass is hot at | | Reply

    LMAO @ peachbellini hahhahaha he reminds me of kjo in so many ways! lolol.

    why cant pc invest in a flat iron?

  11. Ashi at | | Reply

    I like the saree.. but dont like the hair

  12. AnnieS at | | Reply

    ooo i like the sari, the blouse doesnt go with the sari, pc looks horrid like she usually does..

  13. deepika at | | Reply

    with all the over the top show sha goin on this is a refreshing change . kareena is dressed lik eit’s her sangeet !!!

  14. RT at | | Reply

    @ chuck bass is hot .. I agree with the flat iron bit!! Does anyone recall her hair from ‘Desi Girl’ it was GORGEOUS .. her hair here is better left unsaid

    HaHa to those that said KJo and MM what a couple indeed!!

  15. Fatima at | | Reply

    @niki LOL bout the wig!!! haha

    @PeachBellini- yup they sure would make a cute couple! but can u imagine what would happen? KJo will make big buget films, and MM will showcase all his designs…Bling overload!

    its amazing how these bollywood leading ladies don’t know how to wear sarees! i know stylist et al make em wear it in movies but you can learn by means of seeing! but nope….though hers isn’t draped as badly as the others sometomes do, i just can’t believe she’s the same lady who’s performed in songs wearing sarees properly and lookin gorgeous!

  16. pdaervo at | | Reply

    psshhhhhhhhh what else is new -_-

  17. Nepali at | | Reply

    LOL@some comments. Her natural hair looks thick and curly, and she usually seem to only blow dry or was it already straightened?! Anyway she needs a GHD if she doesn’t have one.
    Yeah, not his best creation, but better than bling overload.

  18. bedazzled at | | Reply

    Is it just me or Priyanka looks ajeeb all the time – whatever she wears or does , she just doesnt look right. After she has lost weight, she looks really weird. I guess its the size of her face or just her body structure !

  19. ar00j at | | Reply

    @ peachbellini: YOU’RE SO RIGHT! lol

    … im just going to take this as priyanka having a really bad day…so bad she had to play mermaid again (or queen atlantis or w/e that was)!!

  20. Shweta at | | Reply

    I thought KJo fancied Ekta Kapoor but him and Manish make a cute couple too:D….He actually looks ok here but PC could have done SO much better!:(

  21. Karishma at | | Reply

    Isn’t this the same blouse she wore in the desi girl??? Her hair is BAD !! She needs an image makeover ASAP… has had the same hair do for ages now…

  22. Anu at | | Reply

    @ PeachBellini – i say that ALL the time! they could be the first bollywood gay supercouple.

    I like the sari but its a little too simple to wear at a sangeet. love the color. i agree with everyone about her hair. she had got to do something else with it.

  23. rubywoo at | | Reply

    meh! not impressed – but I rarely am where priyanka is concerned.

  24. Lalala at | | Reply

    UGH don’t even get me started on Priyanka Chopra I used to love her, but she is sooo boring now. Same hair/ always the same sweet girl/pouty/smouldering eyes smile. ALWAYS> Never anything different. She needs to chaaange it up, liven up and I’m not talking about just in photographs, I’m talking about her acting in movies! The only time she is actually a bit animated and lively is strangely enough in interviews, that is why she is not trying to be super to the point of boring politically correct like most other actors/actresses, her best moment was sadly enough, on one of the koffee with karans where she seemed to be an actual woman.

  25. Lalala at | | Reply

    that is * WHEN she is not trying to be … ( I wrote WHY)

  26. honey at | | Reply

    Horrible no comments!

  27. kismet at | | Reply

    priyanka has never wow’ed me in a saree not even in movies, always looks boring and you need some curves to look great in a saree, she doesn’t have that.

  28. fashionaddict at | | Reply

    de whole luk sux biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiggggggg tym !!!! n her hair luks like its a wig !!!!

  29. naka at | | Reply

    Not sure why people aren’t liking this. The color is fab on her, and she is looking so fit and lovely.

  30. k= at | | Reply

    omgggg out of all the stunning MM sarees, she had to choose that one??? this woman absolutely has nooo style!!!

  31. AMM at | | Reply

    OMG what’s up with the hair

  32. ranj at | | Reply

    yuck…..pure drab!!!….

  33. pitu at | | Reply

    I can’t even notice the sari because her helmet hair has transfixed me o.O

  34. pink at | | Reply

    drab indeed….shes looking really sick these days :s

  35. peechu at | | Reply

    she looks like such an aunty..and she’s ALWAYS having a bad hair day!

  36. xoxo at | | Reply

    OMG!!! her HAIRR! only thing i like is the colours of the saree

  37. suchi at | | Reply

    agree with kismet, ever since her fashion days, desi clothes dont suit her. also her hellmet hair has to go!

  38. monika s at | | Reply

    whts wrong with her hair…she is lukin AUNTY types

  39. sarah at | | Reply

    Her hair looks terrible and so does the ugly color of the saree.

  40. siddharth at | | Reply

    I think its a pretty Sari far better than the plain boring that Sharmila Tagore wears.

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