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    Shabby looking.

  2. Tina at | | Reply

    ugh..and i hate to mention- a better bra!!!

    1. RM at | | Reply

      exactly my thoughts.. and while we in Delhi love to drape a shawl around but I cant understand whats this one doing for her… neither keeping her warm (it comes off in the second pic) nor being used as an accessory…

  3. annie at | | Reply

    Auntie Jain couldn’t stay away from the dupatta/shawl….

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  4. akaa at | | Reply

    Clearly a case of show-off .. with those boots(I believe some high-end designer) , the dress and the Birkin….
    And what’s with the shawl .. she could have carried a mono-chromatic one atleast .. but no she had to show off her Jamawar too!!

    1. Chocolate Martini at | | Reply

      I’ll give you she’s badly dressed in this picture, but lets not conclude that the poor woman is a show-off :-)

      Most of the women featured on this site wear high-end designers, either Indian or International. When somebody moves in circles of people who wear big brands, has the money to afford designer gear and has access to designer shops and sites, its not unusual that they end up buying clothes from premium labels. I mean, I know I would.

      That hardly makes you a show-off, you must remember that a lot of people at the event she was at were also probably wearing big brands (Christian Dior’s Kalyani Chawla, Charu Sachdev who wons the franchise for Marc Jacobs and Stella McCartney in India, Sanjeev Kapoor of Genesis luxury). Also the boots are clearly because she is trying to copy the runway look. And the dress is not monogram-covered or expensive-looking in a obvious way at all

      And most Delhi women will wear a shawl with ANYTHING, and there is this mentality amongst some women that a Jamawar is exquisite (which is true) and therefore it goes with anything (which, like in this case, is NOT true)

      And given the number of Birkins I’ve spotted on this site and other mumbai/ delhi party pictures, I highly doubt that it is considered exceptional amongst the company she keeps.

      I agree that all together it looks a bit excessive but I do not think she was trying to show-off, just trying to look her best.

      P.S: Maybe she IS a show off and I could be totally wrong, I just do not think that it is okay to look at a few pictures out of context and conclude that she is show off. I dont mean this to be personal or offensive to you, so I hope you do not take it that way :-)

      1. Fashionmeal at | | Reply

        Oh wow, how I agree with you.
        I know Neeva Jain vaguely.
        She’s just not the best dresser, thats all. She isn’t a show off either. The money she has today has come to her with a lot of work and effort and she knows better than being flashy about it. That way, she’s really humble.
        Just a case of bad taste.
        A stylist wouldnt be the worst thing.

  5. hhcfan at | | Reply

    isn’t that a berkin?

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  7. ash at | | Reply

    So not suiting her….trying to copy the runway look, boots and all, but failing completely.

  8. Tongue in Chic at | | Reply

    Wow. Way to ruin a perfectly nice outfit, Neeva.

  9. javajive at | | Reply

    Tina, funnily enough that’s the first thing I noticed..

  10. vp at | | Reply

    She really needs a good bra ‘coz its just drooping and it makes her look old!

  11. Kish at | | Reply

    omg overload overload overload. just too much happening: the limp hair, huge sunglasses, unsightly pearl drop earrings, the shawl, the pointy boots and the print. not to be mean, but with her well endowed figure, it just looks Too Much.

  12. Kiwi at | | Reply

    I think she’s not wearing ANY bra.. very tacky . The model on the other hand looks awesome

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