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  1. Sonia Kumar at | | Reply

    “Thigh-high”?! That is bum-hi!!

    1. pixie at | | Reply

      Lol! True that.. bum high it is! So trashy..

      1. Genie at | | Reply

        LOL.. i laughed so hard that the colleagues around me gave me a stare!! :-D

      2. Manisha at | | Reply

        Bum high is more like it, a few inches lower and it would have elevated the gown to much more elegant look.

    2. zainab at | | Reply

      Sonia Kumar I agree with you..it really is bum-high. I don’t like it at all!

  2. sree at | | Reply

    White-washed makeup? Check
    Trashy gown? Check
    Sex siren posing? Check
    Classy and Malaika Arora Khan don’t belong in the same sentence.

    1. Adara at | | Reply

      Like seriously. This woman can never show up classy. This is just plain disgusting not sexy. Ew.

    2. feya at | | Reply

      She should take a leaf out of karisma’s book.

  3. sonal at | | Reply

    trashy. whats wrong with her. does she take a side look in the mirror?

  4. Whaaaaat at | | Reply

    Dear Malaika,

    You know, Bollywood knows, and we know: you have an amazing body. We have known it for some time now, though we will still look at you admiringly dancing on top of a train or making zandu balm look sexy. We envy you your cheekbones, lust after your slim waist, dream of your toned arms and wish we had your never ending legs. We get it, we really do. Now, how about putting some of it away? Not all of it, mind you, just a little bit. Maybe not go the whole sleeveless AND mesh backed way when wearing a gown slit up to your bum. Not because I am the moral police. Not because most of us can never pull this off. But because you cannot pull it off without looking supremely trashy. Do it, Malaika. Show some skin. Not the whole shebang. Leave a little covered to highlight the beauty you expose. And stop standing like a sex object all the time, because we want to think you are more than that. Unless you want to look like one, in which case, please carry on.

    Your envious pankha

    1. rs at | | Reply

      LOL. This comment is so perfect. Extremely well said.

    2. shwetha at | | Reply

      Couldnt agree more
      You summed up my thoughts correctly!
      all we ask is for vulgarity kum and class zyaada..

  5. MK at | | Reply

    How does one sit in this dress?

  6. Anika at | | Reply

    She looks gorgeous! Not everyone can carry this look but she does!

  7. kind at | | Reply

    there is an issue with her inners. the petals are visible.
    but she is looking AMmmmmmazing

  8. reni at | | Reply

    At least if the sheer part was not there it could still work.the slit is heading to Niki minaj territory..

  9. pink martini at | | Reply

    Honestly….with her everything has been displayed wayyyy back and being displayed ever since….now it has stopped looking sexy..its downright trashy

  10. umarana at | | Reply


  11. Suchiz at | | Reply

    Whats with the weird booby part? they look smashed!!! and true to the Bum high slit!!!

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