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  1. Neharika at | | Reply

    Dislike…looks very tacky

  2. sree at | | Reply

    She looks like she’s wearing an outfit to perform on stage. A bit OTT but she still looks like a goddess.

  3. bindu at | | Reply

    i find i dont mind the “gimmick”…as she kept the rest of the look bling-free

  4. PrincessRuchi at | | Reply

    Kinda on the fence about this one. Dress looks like a negligee on her. She should stick to more classic cuts for Award shows.

  5. Rad at | | Reply

    Time to head back to the sets of Mahabharat

    1. Janice at | | Reply

      Oh dear lol…

  6. Anika at | | Reply

    She looks gorgeous and classy. Love that she takes risks and her looks are so diverse.

  7. yashi at | | Reply

    Luv d idea?bt den I saw D hair….uggh

  8. Amani at | | Reply

    I appreciate that she’s taken a risk. That being said, it’s not quite working for me. When I first saw this, I thought she might have come straight from a photoshoot or something. Perhaps something a little more simple would have worked.

  9. Ayeshaa at | | Reply

    Is it just me or are her dresses never long enough, I feel like they’re always an inch or two short. As for the look I really like the make up and liked that she took this risk on an Indian red carpet and not on an international platform displaying her ‘culture’ !

    1. Arohi at | | Reply


  10. Dorothe at | | Reply

    India is so wannabe. Isn’t this actor a super star here?

    1. Nav at | | Reply

      LOL what? A fabric doesn’t define an entire country’s mindset. But thank you for sharing your profound thoughts about a nation on a fashion blog which you took out the time to visit lol :)

    2. Vi at | | Reply

      Umm..how exactly is India, or even this look for that matter, wannabe?!

    3. venus at | | Reply

      Wannabe what? Shes wearing a traditional indian head dress. Its our culture that she is flaunting…pray what r u mocking “India” for??!I think shes looking great…love dp

    4. Fi at | | Reply

      “India is so wanabe” – that line itself sounds so incorrect and dodgy ..gahahaha..lame comment!

  11. Tania at | | Reply

    Very tacky. She turned a classy Naeem Khan gown into a trashy one.

    1. reah at | | Reply

      lol you are just awesome Tania. You come on every deepika post and criticize without rhyme and reason. Dedicated or obsessed or just a hater?

  12. Srushti at | | Reply

    She lost me at padded butt enhancer.

    1. dee at | | Reply

      me too, also tired of the sequined/gold/gowns. this is not risk taking or high styling, this is what i played dress ups in.
      other way around but that make up needed an edgy ensemble. the queen look, if thats what they went after, is not working for me.

    2. kasthuri at | | Reply

      Do like that matha patti though.

  13. Ranij at | | Reply

    Oh no. It’s looks like some tacky costume because of the styling. She was doing so well

  14. Jyoti at | | Reply

    Seriously – are Sonakshi’s PR crew PAYING HER to not outshine Sonakshi? This is hideous! And here is a designer who dresses the first lady..

    1. Rekha at | | Reply

      My words exactly..lol

  15. GaganM at | | Reply

    Hair: 2.5/5
    Makeup: 2.5/5
    Dress: Front looks sad – Seems the twins have been hideen somewhere :) – Back of the dress seems fine
    So a 2.5/5

  16. Mahzabin at | | Reply

    She looks like a Queen!

  17. Slc at | | Reply

    The head piece is just not needed. The gown’s not bad. We’ve seen her in gold at two award shows…I’m getting bored.

  18. Arohi at | | Reply

    His fall collection is so rich and my first thought was “why has she picked the worst gown from the collection?” It isn’t the most flattering (even on her amazing body) It’s a shame because she’s a really talented actress and knows how to dress well. Neck up, she couldn’t look any prettier.

    1. MM at | | Reply


  19. Aashini at | | Reply

    I’m SOLD with the idea of teaming gowns with a statement mathapatti. Time to stock up.

    1. kasthuri at | | Reply


  20. Pallavi at | | Reply

    She looks GORGEOUS!! this woman can do no wrong!!!

  21. Aayat Rao at | | Reply

    What the hell? Cleopatra-wanna be? Are we taking the “queen” tag too seriously?
    It looks absolutely tacky – the make-up is OTT and the headgear just makes her head look huge. Absolutely abhor this look.

  22. harry at | | Reply

    bad hair day…

  23. V at | | Reply

    I love this! She looks like a goddess. And the make up is so beautiful.

  24. Sukriti at | | Reply

    Fail….epic fail!

  25. Prep-y at | | Reply

    Gotten so used to associating her with more classic elegant looks that something seems amiss here

  26. reekmr at | | Reply

    It looks so shapeless. Dont like it at all

  27. Rudra at | | Reply

    D look craves for a long dramatic trail..no?

  28. olala at | | Reply

    My first thought was that she was putting on the jwellery for a performance and they made her come onstage right before she could change from the gown into the stage- lehenga pants.
    Looks very disconnected

  29. Food Poisoned Attorney at | | Reply

    Oh Jeez! What was she thinking!

  30. Jiya at | | Reply

    looks like a gypsy to me…very tacky and outfit is very costume-like and dress would’ve suited a more curvy body

  31. Sera at | | Reply

    Now I know her favorite tv show n inspiration…. Maaaahaaaabarath

  32. nisha at | | Reply

    i think she looks great! you need guts to wear something like that. i have seen sonam wear weirder stuff and just because its sonam, everyone goes ooooh, aaah over it!pfft!

    1. akaa at | | Reply

      How many of these shiny glittery gold dresses is she going to wear ?? Her stylist is not doing her any good … this was her award season and her appearances were a major let down every time .. And, I would love to see her do a soft, romantic look one of these days as opposed to the severe looks she always does.

    2. akaa at | | Reply

      The above comment was not in reply to you. I don’t know how it got there.
      But to reply to your comment, there is no need to do the Sonam v/s Deepika comparison in every Deepika post… And, had it been Sonam, people would have gone ooooh and aaaah over it because the entire look would have been cohesive and well-put together … not like DPad’s where something is always amiss… :)

  33. FashionKitty at | | Reply

    There is an interesting article circulating showing how DP’s most of the award function outfits are “ditto” to that of various Hollywood celebrity’s outfits. Like from head to toe. Makes me wonder if any other celeb has recently worn this ensemble…

  34. Fi at | | Reply

    I just don’t dig that dress, that’s all!

  35. PG at | | Reply

    I think she looks gorgeous, but this was not the right platform to don a maatha patti. It would have been a great addition to a magazine editorial, but the zee cine awards aren’t edgy enough to take these risks. That said, the gown is fab!

  36. suzieq at | | Reply

    she looks TERRIBLE !!!! a complete mess

  37. monika at | | Reply

    very gimmicky.

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