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  1. Nav at | | Reply

    The dress is absolutely hideous! The material and the tailoring do not go together :/ It’s creasing at all the wrong places. But the hair and makeup saved the day. Looove the winged liner. What a compliment to her beautiful eyes!

  2. ariel001 at | | Reply

    Slick pony or straight hair outlive been preferred along with studs and strappy sandals. But as soon as I saw this look, I thought of Olivia Wilde in Gucci at the 2010 Golden Globes. Tell me not? Though I rather not see ChitSingh in another Gauri and Nainika . If she does decide to, take some lessons from Deepika!

  3. mesta at | | Reply

    Ummm NO!!!
    Even better styling couldn’t have prevented her from looking horrid in that piece of junk!

  4. Aki at | | Reply

    She has the whole dominatrix make up going. Wonder if this anything to do with reports of her make up man quitting. All thats missing is a whip!

  5. swati at | | Reply

    OMG… i thought it was Eva Mendes….i sooo love her but then as i saw this strikingly-horrid-shiny dress, i was sure it cnt be Eva…..what made chitrangna wear this Oh-so-GAWDY dress…

  6. Puja S at | | Reply

    Ya….she does look a little like Eva Mendes….but the look is horrid..it’s a shame really, considering how pretty she is…

  7. rina at | | Reply

    What a disaster! Doesn’t even look like her! The makeup and those ugly shoes. And the dress makes her bottom half look huge!! Scary eyebrows!!

  8. zainab at | | Reply

    Well, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the earrings or the hair and make-up but yeah those shoes and that clutch is a missfit here. wish she had chosen a different pair of shoes and a different clutch.

  9. Monkey at | | Reply

    You know something is off with the dress if it makes Chitrangdha look bottom heavy!

  10. Sui at | | Reply

    uh-oh chitrangada doesnt look good at all..I love this woman…but this has to be her worst look till date…hate those heavy shoes…hate that gown…plus the makeup too….everything just seems so off…

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