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  1. Belle at | | Reply

    ahhh yes…that is bad.

    but what makes me laugh is how OLD Shekhar looks….despite his best efforts to look “younger”…sigh…yes i’m so mean today! LoL

  2. malini at | | Reply

    Shekar and Archana.. DO BELONG IN SAME CLUB.. lol

  3. Surbhi at | | Reply

    Finally.. Shekhar Suman on a post.. well.. he is in the photo.. someone please tell him that bangs dont make a man younger.. yes SRK started the trend.. but it doesnt make sense.. and add to the list tight fitting tshirts

    archana…!!! why o why.. tho for such a big frame, she has a flat stomach..or is that just me..

  4. anita at | | Reply

    were they both part of the circus?

  5. melange at | | Reply

    LOL@anita’s comment.

    btw whose death is she mourning? Why the overdose of black…me wants some colour.

  6. j at | | Reply

    Shekhar suman , God he is worse than any woman in bollywood , look at the hair transplant , face lift and possible lipo , ur not 25 get real

  7. Karishma G at | | Reply

    her clothes are accentuating her broadness rather than disguising it. she must have some redeeming qualities to have nabbed such a nice (and hot) guy.

  8. Karishma G at | | Reply

    by nice and hot guy i mean her husband parmeet and not shekar suman. lol.

  9. Indian Girl at | | Reply

    Why cant they wear a decent kurta / just a plain shirt and jeans …instead of all that…what ever that is…
    Those shoes….are bad….

  10. jia at | | Reply

    Thats so mean , I think parmeet and archana make a nice couple.

  11. BLT at | | Reply

    I just noticed the weird accessory Archana has hanging from a kada/handcuff on her left wrist. What is it? A bag of some sort?

  12. anita at | | Reply

    @ BLT, I think that comes with that clutch she’s carrying – like a wristlet

  13. Kashmira at | | Reply

    ewww for both Archana and Shekhar!

  14. Bsimpleed at | | Reply

    seriously …if i had a top or dress or whatever….and I know I don’t have the body to carry it…especially if its sheer…I would think ten thousand times b4 stepping out like thiss…oh dear…why is nonchalance so much in vogue with these ppl?

  15. Bsimple at | | Reply

    ok, correction…there is no Bsimpleed…its me Bsimple :D guess was too excited to post a comment..LOL

  16. Bsimple at | | Reply

    dunno what is going on…my comments are disappearing even b4 they r read or what?

  17. lin at | | Reply

    LOL…Archana is simply laughable. If she would have ditched the transparent top and wore some kolhapuri chappals and added some colour to the outfit in form of accessories, she might have been in the category of those ‘artsy’ aunties but alas….As for Shekhar, an overdose of steroids, facelifts and hair tranplants teamed with muscle tees dont make one a 19 year old! He should be on ‘nip/tuck’!!

  18. Monika at | | Reply

    she would look so much nicer in a kurta or sari or formal shirt. this outfit is for someone much younger/fitter.

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