Drab To Fab?

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Did Sangeeta Bijlani go from ‘Drab to Fab’ or took a turn for the worse…?


Left: At Azeem Khan’s Fashion Show
Right: At Anna Singh’s Store Launch

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  1. In my mind, few things can be worse that that pleated polyester monstrosity she appeared in the last time around!

    As for the current look, I could nitpick about the different shades of black (if they are both black) and also that the shoes don’t quite work, but I’ll give this outfit a Pass grade.

  2. what a confused ensemble.. she decided to wear the waistcoat, then ditched the jeans and wore the whatever.. or better still cut her trousers and then wore heels which prolly look better with a skirt or something of that sort.. oh and just that we dont think she is all black, they had to be red.. confused.com

  3. Ho hmmm When the page opened, the right pic showed her only waist up and i thought, “Wow looks like a nice ensemble” and then it ended at the knees. The outfit looks incomplete and shows the cellulite on her legs. Notice the dimpled areas? Like her shoes in both pics though.

  4. If the wiki on Sangeeta Bijlani is true (such an oxymoron – ‘wiki’ and ‘truth’ 😉 ) then she is 48 now and for her age – SHE ROCKS!!!

  5. shorts and a waistcoat are never a good look for anyone. even kate moss pairs her waistcoat with jeans. pleats are also usually unflattering on most people.

  6. @ Isha: 48?!? No way!!! Sangeeta only started out in BW in the late 80s. One of her first movies I saw was Jurm (released in ’90) and she looked pretty fresh and young’n in there…. might’ve been in her early 20s there. So now, she’s about 40. She was also Salman Khan’s ex.

  7. 48?!? No way!!!

    Bijlani was crowned Miss India in 1980. She definitely is not 40 now. For her to be 40 now, she must have been 12 the time she won the Miss. India title 🙂

  8. Some women are like Princess Diana, they like one look, and nothing wrong with that. She looked great at the Azeem show, this is a very unflattering pic, because you cannot see her translucent skin..

  9. the hair needs updating – barbie hair looks horrid on all the 20-something starlets and on one as mature as bijliani it just doesn’t go, good figure though and I like the shoes in the second pic, tailored knee length shorts are difficult to pull off by most so not even going to comment on them.


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