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Not as bad as her previous appearance, certainly no better!


Archana Puran Singh On ‘Comedy Circus 2’

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  1. ahhh yes…that is bad.

    but what makes me laugh is how OLD Shekhar looks….despite his best efforts to look “younger”…sigh…yes i’m so mean today! LoL

  2. Finally.. Shekhar Suman on a post.. well.. he is in the photo.. someone please tell him that bangs dont make a man younger.. yes SRK started the trend.. but it doesnt make sense.. and add to the list tight fitting tshirts

    archana…!!! why o why.. tho for such a big frame, she has a flat stomach..or is that just me..

  3. her clothes are accentuating her broadness rather than disguising it. she must have some redeeming qualities to have nabbed such a nice (and hot) guy.

  4. Why cant they wear a decent kurta / just a plain shirt and jeans …instead of all that…what ever that is…
    Those shoes….are bad….

  5. seriously …if i had a top or dress or whatever….and I know I don’t have the body to carry it…especially if its sheer…I would think ten thousand times b4 stepping out like thiss…oh dear…why is nonchalance so much in vogue with these ppl?

  6. LOL…Archana is simply laughable. If she would have ditched the transparent top and wore some kolhapuri chappals and added some colour to the outfit in form of accessories, she might have been in the category of those ‘artsy’ aunties but alas….As for Shekhar, an overdose of steroids, facelifts and hair tranplants teamed with muscle tees dont make one a 19 year old! He should be on ‘nip/tuck’!!


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