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  1. SLC at | | Reply

    Oooh dear! Tiny, tiny dress. Even she looks uncomfortable. I must though, she is a pretty girl.

    1. SLC at | | Reply

      Correction…I must say though ..

  2. Nisha B at | | Reply

    Alia should calm down with her poses..I love the dress and yes wished it was a little longer..

  3. Senorita at | | Reply

    she needs to burn those shoes immediately. just because they’re black pumps, they do NOT go with everything

  4. Rajvi at | | Reply

    Its high time she and her stylists realise that her legs are not her best feature.. I dont think she ever sat down throughout the event. It’s just not possible

    1. Coffee at | | Reply

      Just because her legs aren’t a mile long and slender doesn’t mean she can’t show them off. This is why so many girls are so uncomfortable with their bodies, because people feel the need to point out that if her legs do not look a certain way, they should hide them. However, I do agree that she should have probably added a bit to the length.

      1. Rajvi at | | Reply

        Being comfortable with your body is one thing and knowing what suits you is another. If I have a big belly, I will not go on about wearing a body con dress..the same goes for one’s legs or thighs also.

      2. WannabeCarrie at | | Reply

        Coffee you are now just BS-ing. I do not have a great back (pimples and scarring from pimples….ewww). Would you like for me to wear a backless dress? I think this whole kumbaya approach to our bodies is not the best approach either. Sure we should embrace our bodies while keeping in mind to enhance our best features while deflecting the focus from our not so great ones.
        This dress does nothing for the girl and yes her legs are not her best feature. It is in her best interests to not bring notice to them.

        1. WannabeCarrie at | | Reply

          *Sure we should embrace our bodies keeping in mind to enhance our best features while deflecting the focus from our not so great ones.

        2. Pri at | | Reply

          You are comparing this girl’s leg to having pimples on your back and scarring? LMAO it would be one thing if she had bruises everywhere and scarring on her legs but her legs are totally fine. And anyways, if you feel comfortable wearing an open back, then you should. Just because she doesn’t have PERFECT legs does not mean she should cover them up.

  5. mmhater at | | Reply

    i am distracted by how badly padded her girls are .. :p

    1. kasthuri at | | Reply

      Oh yes, you are right. I thought the fit was off up there but then i realized its got to be stuffing.
      That aside, the dress is indeed dangerously short.

  6. Adara at | | Reply

    She looks good! I am not too sure on the hype that goes on about how they sit. Hah! After all i see girls wearing them in parties/clubs all the time. Be it in US or in India. I think she is the right age to wear such short numbers. If she was in her twenties brick bats are going to fly on how she is trying to be a teen. If any younger, age inappropriate. But I do agree that she doesn’t have that great stems to pull of such short numbers.

    1. RK at | | Reply


  7. angl at | | Reply

    i dont think she has the kind of body to pull this off

    1. priyanka at | | Reply

      was gonna say that.

  8. B at | | Reply

    She just looks very uncomfortable in this :(

  9. Simsim at | | Reply

    Ugh, uncomfortably short. Somehow that red strip over the bust is makes it look like the dress is trying to pull itself up even more.

  10. Mira at | | Reply

    She looks as uncomfortable as I feel…

    If the hemline had been a few inches longer and she had gone with a more interesting choice of footwear, this could have been a great look.

  11. s at | | Reply

    It’s short, without being sexy. Badly styled.

  12. garima at | | Reply

    Her bust region looks awkward.She should not be wearing high necked clothes!And yes the dress looks too short on her,making her look heavy from the bottom too.

  13. mona at | | Reply

    dress is good but not looking good on Alia! she’s cute but not sexy at all

  14. aman at | | Reply

    this is ridiculous. She looks so uncomfortable and i’m sick of seeing her cute face in such hookerish dresses. Kjo needs stop being her stylist! Beyond that.. the dress is not even pretty.

  15. nabila at | | Reply

    wish she tried something new BORING like Katrina!

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