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For recent round of ‘virtual’ appearances, Vidya stuck to a sartorial choice that she is most comfortable with- saris! Wearing ’em all with some amount of silver jewelry, she rounded out all of her looks with a severe center-parted do. Now, which sari did you like her best in?

Vidya Balan
L To R: In Priyadarshini Rao, Saanvi, Injiri And Haelli

Photo Credit: Instagram

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  1. Wow. I like all of them, but the Injiri saree is really, really beautiful. Minor note, but for the last look in the Haelli saree, the hairdo isn’t center parted, but side parted. 🙂

  2. The white is a different look.. also why make it a serious affair with tight buns? I’d like to see with hair worn loose n natural, as is looks uniform

  3. All the looks are pretty nice and a simple smile would have done wonders to them….. but i wonder how she managed to tilt her head almost at the same degree at all the looks.. and my personal favorite is the white sari look..

    • Ridiculous comment !
      Aunty style blouses? So the normal age old traditional blouse is now aunty blouse?
      N those bras disguising as blouses are “in her 20s” blouse?
      I’m in my 30s …what kinda blouses go for age? I’m not an “aunty” neither am i in my 20s !

      N what do you mean by ages her? Shes a woman in her 40s n looks pretty darn good !

    • Wow, that this nonsense should still be an acceptable comment! “Aunty style” – I wonder if women wake up and decide, “Oh, I’m now an aunty, I should wear this instead of that”

  4. @Husn – I’m a woman who just hit 40. I would certainly not wear something so mumsy looking… this style of blouse absolutely ages her. I’m not saying dress like a teenager… Such a pretty lady with a youthful, glowing face and personality can probably dress more like the forty year olds of our generation than our mom’s generation.

    • I don’t think it’s the blouses that are ageing her here – in fact they are all such ‘in’ styles to wear for all age-groups. I am 38, and I love experimenting with these kind of blouses! I do however feel that the hairstyle is what is making her look older than she actually does – I mean, ok to do it once or twice, but it would be good to change it up a bit!

  5. This is what happens when we’re subjected to too many bikini, bralet, halter neck blouses. A classy, timeless, and completely normal blouse will begin to look like an “aunty” blouse. *rolling eyes*

    I love the third-from-left but Vidya looks lovely in all of them.

  6. To me Mumsy and Aunty denotes women who have lived a life and have authority and gravitas and are comfortable in their own skin. On the contrary contemporary fashion seems to try and force women towards juvenile looks. Ladies you don’t *have* to look young and trendy. Look grown up and in charge and flaunt the AuntyBlouse (TM)!


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