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Priyanka presented at the British Fashion Council’s Fashion Awards virtually and was seen wearing a structured jacket by Kaushik Velendra for the event. The power shoulders may not be everyone’s cup of tea but I liked it. What I didn’t like is the sparkly spider-web hand harness. I wish she’d worn matte/black jewellery with the blazer.

Your thoughts?

Priyanka Chopra

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  1. That is clearly a ripped off design. And no look of PC’s is complete without atleast one tacky piece of jewelry. And you girls are right, black jewelry would have worked better.

  2. Hahahahahaha, I cannot stop laughing…
    Cmon guys, we’ve seen ridiculous on HHC, but this one definitely makes it to the top 50 sillies. That shoulder could’ve (maybe) been nice if it were structured any better, better fabric/ sharper edge or anything. But this looks like a inflated balloon patch up. And then there’s the out of place cleavage show, and then PC being PC needs to bling it up (bring it down) even further with the spider finger ring. I’m surprised the belly button diamond stud didn’t make a cameo as well.
    I still cant stop laughing, thanks for the humor : )))))….

  3. This look is such well put together. She is carrying the structured jacket so well. Agree with the hand harness … she could have skipped it all together

  4. Few points I want to make- first off, I LOVE a good power shoulder. There is nothing that makes your waist look tinier the fastest. Also someone made the comment “the 80s called and Sharukh wants his jacket back”- thing is, the 80s have been back for a while now so frankly I would love some of Sharukhs old jackets. Also, just because a jacket has power shoulders doesn’t automatically make it a Balmain knockoff- there are literally thousands of designers doing this.
    All of that being said, I don’t like this particular execution. The shot on the runaway looks better and cleaner but on PC it’s bulkier and less stream lined. The shoulders def seem more American football and less fashion but that extra sparkly bracelet brings it down too. I think maybe the jacket would work better on someone else – and that bracelet is fun but also maybe for another look? I don’t mind the cleavage but I think the whole effect together isn’t cohesive but hey at least her face looks beautiful 🙂

  5. Priyanka already has super impressive shoulders. This looks very disproportionate and her head is awkwardly small. The cleavage show is now std. Priyanka fare and I think she will make it a point no matter the outfit/event to bare them.
    I dont mind the sparkly ring actually, looks nice with the white cuffs of the jacket. The shoulders are an eyesore. Who is gonna look at her hands with that jacket !

  6. Ah well. This could have been a very Grace Jones look, but the styling ruined it. I’d have gone with zero jewelry, and graphic eye makeup.

  7. I am surprised only this HHC did not like here is her bracelet. First of all, I so not know if it is for female or unisex. Model is also confusing me. Then no matter who wears it, its atrocious. I do not remeber Shahrukh movie but to me it looks like some costume from super men or batman movies.


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