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For a recent appearance of hers, Vidya picked a JJ Valaya sari to wear. Adding a belt, she rounded out her look with a sleek centre-parted knot, smokey eyes and earrings by Joolry. She looked nice even if the look was styled remarkably similar to another Valaya she sported not too long ago.

Vidya Balan

Photo Credit: Instagram

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  1. I have to say it.
    Why does Ms Balan wear a belt way the way up high right under her sisters every… single.. time. Someone needs to tell her or her stylist that this is not the place a belt is supposed to be at and is belted at the waist that is incidentally quite a few inches lower.
    I shudder every single time she does the belt look. And this time i had to blurt out. It looks incredibly odd and supremely silly to wear a belt like that. Or just skip it please. Just the saree looks pretty enough without the comical underwire belt.
    Pleasee pretty please

    • it’s the narrowest part of the female body and the whole point of adding the belt there is to define the figure. the waist may not be the most flattering part to highlight, if that’s the idea.

      • Going by that theory then one should keep going up all the way to the neck that’s even slimmer.
        The point is that the rib cage cannot be deemed the waist line just because its slimmer than where the actual waist is. And if that’s the case just skip the belt vs wearing it so high up like an underwire in the brassier. Looks very odd an unnecessary (aka forced). She looks perfectly nice without the underbelt, and I think stylists should be that first point mirror check.

    • I think belt placement depends on one’s proportions or the effect one is hoping to achieve.

      Like Senorita says here, the natural waist is not always the most flattering for every body type.

      I’m much leaner than Vidya, but I have the same hourglass shape, and short torso as her. Belts worn higher than the natural waist creates an illusion of longer legs, and belts worn lower (or a dropwaist) creates the illusion of a longer torso. So I belt depending on the look I’m going for.

  2. I don’t understand why these stylists feel the need for silly props or gimmicks to make a look stand out? What’s the point of that belt when all it does is look ridiculous?

    • So rightly said. That’s the problem with these “celebrities”, they wear expensive, unnecessary and gimmicky accessories, but forget the smile- which is the most beautiful and absolutely free.


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