Sari Style

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Vidya has been attending online interviews over the past few weeks and sporting more saris while at it. I have to admit, the Valaya and Satya Paul immediately caught my attention.

Which ones have yours?

Vidya Balan
Left: In JJ Valaya
Right: In Satya Paul

Vidya Balan
Left: In Bovee
Center: In Biswa Bangla
Right: In NandiDimps

Photo Credit: Instagram

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  1. This is a lovely panel of sarees, that gray-blue colored silk is delicious, and yes the top two are graphically so beautiful. I’m strangely partial to the all white/ cream, it brings out the Keralite in Viday 🙂

  2. I can’t believe I liked a Satya Paul saree.

    The sarees are lovely and so is Vidya. The blouses are of different styles which also makes a difference.

  3. She should let her hair down a little bit now and again. Literally. I had to go back five posts to find a post of her where she is wearing a sari with her hair down.

  4. Considering the poor quality of these recent post Covid posts (which are semi-dependant on the quality of fashion on various actresses), it would make sense to have a single Vidya Balan ensemble per post. So this post could have been broken into 5 posts. I think this would be so much welcome than the t-shirt posts or Malaika posts or Ananya posts that you do. Quality over frivolity/fakeness please.


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