In Devnaagri

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At promotions for her movie, Jyothika was seen keeping it simple in a pale pink suit from Devnaagri paired with kolhapuri chappals. She looked nice.


Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Its a nice suit but ages her (even if gracefully so) by at least a few decades. It needs better structuring or styling, hair and make up. As it stands it looks like she was clicked at an older socialites soiree

    • Jyothika is around 45. A few decades would mean this is making her look 65, in the very least. With due respect, she really, really does not look that old. She looks very much like a pleasant, in fact youthful, woman in her 40s. I don’t think this look ages her at all. It’s a very clean, elegant and summery everyday look that is sported by women across India. I feel we’ve got so used to celebrities trying to look younger than their age that anyone who looks their age seems like an oddity.


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