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For both days of festivities, Vaani picked lehengas to wear, a green Arpita Mehta for the sangeet and a white chikan Manish Malhotra for the wedding. She looked nice but outside of that, there wasn’t much else to say… It was same ol’, same ol’. Also, I wish Manish would just stop trying to make that fringe bag happen!

Vaani Kapoor At Ranjan-Seal Sangeet

Vaani Kapoor At Ranjan-Seal Wedding

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. The green is gorgeous though I am personally sick of lehangas with bra blouses

    The blouse on the white looks like a Fruit of the Loom bra
    It weirdly rises up in the back
    And she seems perfectly happy wearing lingerie to a formal event
    Oh! Bollywood!!

  2. Only Einstein can decode Bollywoods obsession with Manish Malhotra. There are so many other designers to chose from. Having said that, she does look lovely in green.

  3. What’s up with these bra like blouses/tops? How can this be ok to wear to a wedding? Is event appropriateness of an outfit not part of fashion critique?

    That being said, she looks good in the Arpita outfit.

  4. The first look is so nice just because of the muted green beige shade, I like the top on it as well, looks nice with the work.
    The second white lehenga is strange, it’s so white and plain, a ivory would’ve been a better shade with some silver work if it had to be whites.

  5. As much skin show as possible seems to be the order of the day at Bollywood weddings and pujas. I feel sorry for the bride, she can’t be the centre of attention even on her special day. Her guests will make sure that won’t happen.

    • Inko koi BULATA kyon hai?
      BW cannot see past their own self
      For the life of me I don’t understand why these wealthy people would want their wedding albums and videos be painted with hundreds and hundreds of garishly crassly dressed A B and C grade celebs

      Do they love BW SO much?
      They are willingly letting go of their special day to this tamasha crowd??


  6. Vaani needs to tone down that make up. I can’t get beyond her face in most of her posts. I don’t care for both outfits because of those low cut bra blouses, but the green is a nice color.

  7. Seriously, whats’s wrong with Manish and Sabyasachi’s lehenga blouses these days? I guess it’s more appealing for the celebrity brigade, but I don’t think people would just pick a blouse like Alia’s or Vani’s even if they could afford it..

  8. On the white one because the strap is higher than the bodice it makes her breasts look sagged. Vaani’s! The contender of most fit woman in Bollywood has been made to look saggy old lady. If designer clothes can’t make super models look great with their long legs and abs then what chance does anyone else have.

    Manish Malhotra would become a nobody if these celebs don’t parade around in his freebies I suppose.

  9. Who wears white to Indian weddings?!I know ..I know ..people can wear whatever they want. But it is almost similar to wearing red at a funeral. You can do it but why oh why?!

  10. These bra-blouses .. what new fashion monstrosity are these?
    Putting the event appropriateness or too much skin show aside (personal choices, etc., etc.) .. these aren’t even designed nicely.

    Almost all of them look a couple of sizes too small on everyone (Alia, Bhoomi, Vaani here) – and these are Bollywood females we are talking about – all of them work hard for their fit bodies.
    The weird placement of the straps — gives a look similar to when ill fitting bras rise on the back.

    MM has a special knack of making these beautiful girls look trashy, and still they just run to him for any event. I do not understand!

  11. Yet another lehenga, yet another BRA choli. I’m so uninspired at this point that I didn’t even feel like commenting. I fail to understand how these starlets feel motivated to dress up knowing that every other person in the room will look exactly the same. Dreading the upcoming wedding now 🙂


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