Doing Denim

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Recently both Twinkle and Sushmita were photographed in denim jumpsuits. Easy sandals and roomy totes rounded out both of their looks. Have a favorite of the two?

Twinkle Khanna (Left) And Sushmita Sen

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Twinkle for sure. Sush’s looks one note and odd without a belt.

    Honest question. Leaving aside the fashion vs comfort debate, are Mumbai people able to weather heat better because they’re used to it? Because summers are getting hotter where I live and I’m living in shorts and linen tops but see Mumbaikers in jeans all year round.

  2. there are jumpsuits and then there are overalls, which you wear to work if you’re in construction/timberlogging in the west. these outfits belong to the latter category.

  3. Twinkle looks great minus the bag.

    Sush’s look lack defenition. She needed a belt. As is, it looks like overalls from a construction plant.


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