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At the Indian Film Festival of Melbourne dance competition, Sona was seen wearing a gingham maxi and wool embroidered jacket, both from Péro. Ms. Mohapatra loves to be quirky and here it came by way of the bright blue boots. Like her outfit?

Sona Mohapata at Indian Film Festival of Melbourne 2022 Dance Competition

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Baap re, kya hai ye? Scary outfit. It seems like kids’ dolls are stuck to the dress and it is for some witch character from Shakespeare’s drama.

  2. The jacket and boots are fine if you are performing or need to stand out. Definitely not an everyday outfit. But that cowgirl gingham whatever is plain bad and jarring with both.

  3. I don’t like the outfit, but glad to see Sona here after ages.
    Very few people in showbiz seem to have any individual style these days, so it’s very refreshing to see someone who does.
    And, fashion needn’t always be about looking hot or pretty or ‘your best’, whatever that means. It should be about self expression and having fun. This would mean a different aesthetic for each person, and I’m happy to see people give free rein to their weird, kooky sides.

  4. Quite possibly the ugliest outfit i have ever seen. We should not disrespect quirky creativity and quirky fashion by comparing them to this disaster

    I dont understand… why dont celebrities say no to their stylists for such choices? Or dont they check the mirror before stepping out for an event?


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