In Zimmerman

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For a recent outing, Mira picked a Zimmermann dress to wear. Her accessories for the evening included nude sandals and a Lady Dior bag. She looked nice.

Mira Kapoor

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Not a fan of this dress, the color is washing her out and the glaring cleavage is too in your face. Those plasticky sandals are an eyesore as well. Mira has been officially bollywoodized, fashion is not about just wearing brands!

    Also, can’t understand why star wives are posted here and you have no bandwidth for male celebs, Shahid has been cropped here for no reason and usually dresses well, but we’ll never know ?

    • HHC algorithm: Bollywood (-) men (-) B grade stars (their perception), (so if you are unsuccessful, too bad, please make way for the shanayas and suhanas) = disguised fashion critique. In reality what this site is just a gossip forum where we gather to tell women how they should be dressing. If this blog can’t evolve with times, at least we should.

      • Regarding men, I believe they mentioned before it was their bandwidth issue. Collecting pics, ID-ing clothes and making posts.
        I do think they post what pics they get their hands on. Yes, they don’t cover television artists or others, it’s probably how these people get photographed most and they do seem to get coverage in all sites? don’t think there is discrimination. But like you said, it’s their personal blog.
        And we aren’t here for some cause. Lol.

        I used to come to the site for humor and snarky comments. Now it’s just habit. And most of the times I find the comments quite one tone.

        • The pictures are obviously there. Someone is doing that cropping. Many times HHC has side-by-side celeb pictures, I don’t see the need to crop a couple, when the husband is the bollywood star, and the wife is not even in the movies? It makes no sense to me to have non celebs featured here, actually. And if people are interested in star wives(demand supply argument), then atleast don’t crop the real reason she’s famous? 🙂

          • Lol. That last line.
            May be if you don’t crop the man, you have to ID their clothes?
            I, personally would like to see the men too even if their clothes don’t get ID-ed.

            Anyway. I just skip posts of her knowing she did nothing but ‘marry’ a celebrity.
            we also have socialites who get features like ambani’s, Poonawala (May be she works in the business, I don’t know) .
            If we are just going for people who are famous (whatever the reason) and dress up and make it worth discussing fashion, I would love to see more people from South get covered. Like Arthi Ravi does dress well.

            Anyway. It is what it is. We can only hope 🙂

            • Agree 100%. Would love to see south celebs, they are utterly gorgeous! And HHC doesn’t always ID clothes, there are many posts without, which is okay! Ambani’s and Poonawala’s are biz royalty, so I’d definitely count them as celebs. Since most of us here are women and the blog is run by women, am sure some posts of male celebs won’t hurt 😉

      • @The dark one.
        Question: why do you come to this blog? is anyone forcing you? is it a condition for your day to be fulfilled? or fulfillment of making and solving equations? Its their “personal”blog their rules their choice. Please make the evolved choice and don’t come on this blog

        Hope you find peace

    • High end brands, check
      Cleavage, check
      Over the knee dress/outfit, check
      Tons of makeup, check

      Does this pass HHC filter to make a post? Check

      Does it qualify as fashion/style of note? Not important as this is only a celeb blogging site and has nothing to do with fashion anymore.

  2. In your face cleavage- check
    Bathe in Highlighter – check
    Candid laughing pose for paparazzi – check
    Now Bollywood will accept her as one of their own 😛

  3. I miss when Mira used to wear more indie designers and had a unique sense of style. Now she can be mistaken for any influencer with Zimmermann on repeat who follows trends blindly.

  4. Agree with the comments. The Bollywood tacky and insta brigade finally got to her. She was one of the “regular” star wives who had her own organic style but sadly that didn’t last for too long.

  5. I dont see anything wrong with “bollywoodising”. its fun.. I dont think majority people come here to look for classy, normal, decent, regular looking dressed stars.

  6. I like Meera and I think she dresses well, for the most part, but I miss the diversity HHC used to have in the early days, re people being profiled. People like Swati Shetty, Kiran Rao, Southern and Bengali actors etc. Now it’s the same set of overprocessed people who can all pass for each others’ clones.
    I still come here everyday, more out of habit than anything else, but the place is not half as fun as it used to be.


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