The Travelling Sari: Continued

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The sari just made it’s fifth stop. Read on to find out who wore it next! Also, if you want to track through everyone who has worn it so far, track through here.

Fun Facts
Miles Travelled So Far: 3300
Person Wearing: 5th
Major Cities Visited: 4

The #TheTravellingSari this week made its way to @su_ki_kahani_insta_ki_zubani. . Surekha, after a 30 year stint in the IT industry, has moved on to keeping her home wheels churning besides pursuing a variety of interests. . She started wearing saris right after college when she started her first job. She also promised herself way back then that she would buy one sari every month and that's how her sari collection began. She would always look out for saris which were a lil' offbeat and her quest for different has led to a collection that is diverse in textures, weaves and colors. When marriage and family life took over, while her sari wearing became minimal, her love for buying them never stopped! Fast forward to now, she has started enjoying wearing her thoughtfully acquired collection again. . She wore #TheTravellingSari to a friend's place for dinner and in a room full of denims, the sari not only stood out but made heads turn! . Surekha suggests not missing out on the stores, Kanya and Angadi Silks, when shopping in #Bangalore. But, if you happen to be in the city during October, you'd hit the sari jackpot because the annual Crafts Council of Karnataka's widely sought event 'Vastrabharna' happens during that time. It's an exhibition that brings the best weavers from all over India and has been running for the past 26 years. . #TheTravellingSari #TheTravellingSarixHHCGuiltfree . #SariLove #SariTales #SarisOfInstagram #SareesOfInstagram #HHCGuiltfree #SareeLove #SareeTales #SariLovers #SareeLovers #SariStyle #SareeStyle #SariNotSorry #SareeNotSorry #MadeInIndia #IWearHandloom #SareeLovers

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  1. I don’t want to sound mean/offensive but I hope the saree is dry-cleaned/washed before passing on to the next person, specially when temperature is soaring high in India n saree is exchanging so many hands.

  2. Just when I think that the previous pic of the travelling saree couldn’t get any better…Boom! Gorgeous blouse and accessories.


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