The Travelling Sari

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In case you missed it, we kicked off The Travelling Sari series a few hours ago on Instagram! We hope you enjoy the series and stay tuned to meet all the fabulous ladies wearing this red beauty their way!

Six yards. And a few hundred miles.
For as long as we remember, we've loved the sari. The grace, elegance and its unique ability to fully lend itself to the wearer has always been part of its charm. . Though we've always flirted with the sari on and off, for the last year and a half, it's been a full-blown love affair. No longer was the sari reserved for weddings, pujas, Diwali parties and other designated special occasions. We made it part of our regular sartorial lexicon. Trite as it sounds, there's been no looking back since.
Which brings us to this post. We love how there are so many ways to wear a sari, so many ways to make it your own. And so, we've decided to send one little cotton sari on a not so little adventure . We kick it off with Sumitra (@sareesandstories) from Kuala Lumpur who has been wearing saris to work since she was in her twenties and while it annoys her a bit that folks find it odd, she hopes that attitude changes and has been championing the cause one sari at a time. She also graciously donated one from her own collection for this adventure.
So this is how to works- Once the first in the chain has worn the sari and photographed it for Instagram, she will then send it on to the next. Who after wearing will then send it on to… Well, you get the idea. Each time, you will see how the woman wearing it makes the sari her own. And documents the day, evening, even just a moment perhaps for posterity.
Through this journey we hope to introduce you to the versatility of the sari and while at it, to some women who are wonderful at what they do.
We hope you will follow along on Instagram.  #TheTravellingSari #TheTravellingSarixHHCGuiltfree
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