Shriya Saran at 56th South Filmfare Awards 2009: A First Look

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When it comes to traditional wear, Ms. Saran surely picks the tackiest outfit possible. A different color and a skirt minus the patchwork design and I might have liked (and that’s a big might) , but as is, this outfit is yikes. Can’t believe am gonna suggest this, but boy, even a Manish Malhotra blingy sari would have been so much better!

Update: Shriya is wearing a Neeta Lulla creation.


Shriya Saran at 56th South Filmfare Awards


Left: Neeta Lulla Bridal Collection
Right: Shriya Saran at 56th South Filmfare Awards

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  1. Why does she always make the sari look cheap and trashy? If she wants to show skin, she should just wear another outfit.

    This should be in the WTHEYY category.

  2. ew ew ew ew ew ew
    and the worst part is…people (namely teenage girls) will now wear things like this in real life *gag*
    I’ve never understood the blingly bollywood saree

  3. Maybe maybe..she’s stuck with the idea of wearing blingy outfits from the movie sets is rather cool. =D She’s gotta a pretty face and the darn curves but no style or dress sense whatsoever. Sigh.

  4. What exactly is it? A sari, lehenga, a dress? Actually that looks like an MM blingy sari on crack. She would’ve looked so good in a simple sari rather than this.

  5. so tacky, it looks so bad on the model herself, but not much to be expected from miss Saran, she kind of lives and wears her filmy character in real life too, unfortunately.

  6. haha what actually has me stumped is that Neeta Lulla designed this for a bride?? Which bride in her right mind would wear this skimpy outfit for her wedding?

  7. i dont get it. why do women make such fools of themselves at times? didnt she look in the mirror before walking out? Tacky with a capital T

  8. That is a WTHEYYY for sure…!!
    That’s and insult to the sari.. and agree with Csrol.. if you want a skin show,, just opt for other dresses!!!
    And there goes Neeta Lulla again .. why do people still go to her for clothes??… she could make Aishwarya look bad… that says a lot about her designing and styling capabilities!!!

  9. Dowright tacky.. and the outfit was part of a bridal collection. I guess perfect outfit for a LA Indian theme wedding perhaps… or perhaps Neeta Lulla was inspired by one of the vamps who were in old bollywood movie dance numbers. I think Neeta Lulla is much overrated. I usually feel grossed after looking at the outfits she designs herself. She has been able to manage b’wood clients like Aish and Hema Malini which is good. The only place where I liked her work was in SLB films. I am not sure but I think a lot of the stuff worn by the actors in Devdas was bought in India..and Neeta Lulla put it all together and was tagged as costume designer. I liked what she came up with. On the runway she comes across as ‘stuck in her space’ like MM.


    What a beautiful Girl she is sorry GODDESS. I am worshipping this GODDESS OF BEAUTY daily without failure.
    what ever kind of dressess or costumes, all things are looking beautiful only because of SHRIYA GODDESS WEARING them


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