Black Beauty

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IIFA 2008 is well under way and here is a first look of Aishwarya and Abhishek at the “Sarkar Raj” Premiere. Who likes?

I am loving the work on the sari!

ashiifa.jpg ashiifa1.jpg

Abhishek & Aishwarya at the “Sarkar Raj” Premiere at IIFA 2008


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  1. Finally, both of them matching their potential!!! Love the black saree with the work, haven’t seen her in a black saree in a while.

  2. They both look classy and elegant. I think a traditional blouse with sleeves matching the design of the pallu would’ve been better but she carries it off well. They look happy!

  3. she’s back with the spaghetti strap blouse which is way better than the brasierre type she wore a lot couple of years ago. loved the sari and the hair this time.

    abhi still needs to get in shape.

  4. Wirk on the aree is “chikan”. If you like Chikan you guys should check out Renu Dadlani in Delhi – amazing Chikan creations.

    I love it.

  5. Hmmm.. This is neither Kantha nor Chikan..Both those styles have more of the running stitch style without filling in the petals…. the sari has more of the fill in pattern

  6. Sorry Payal, but this is Chikan:( Chikan is not running stitches – flat stitches, raised and embossed stitches, and the open trellis-like jaali work. Chikan can get extremely heavy with a technique called “seedha and ulta bakhiya”. 🙂

    The previous poster mentions Renu Dadlani – she is reviving the 40 some stitches of Chikan and is quite an icon in Luckhnow embroidery circles.

    Kantha is primarily running stitches but there are a lot of variations of that also.

    The style of saree that Ash is wearing are ranging around Rs. 35K in India because it take 2-3 months to get so much wok done.

  7. A traditional saree like this one should be worn with a blouse with sleeves. This looks like you’re confused about what look to carry. Also it doesnt look like either chikan or kantha. Both are done by hand on ‘addas’ and would be very difficult to execute on such a sheer fabric without any puckering.

  8. Love the saree… so glad to not see sequins!!!
    I would go with chikan type embroidery design with satin stitches… what say?

  9. As someone who grew up in Lucknow, I’ll join the fray – I thought this was chikan – they now do chikan on chiffon. Amazing stuff.
    Check out Vishal Mehra and Kanishk Bhargava – a lot of stuff Abu Jaani do is also chikan.

  10. I love! Aishwarya carries off dark, dramatic colors so well; she needs to throw the pales to the winds! Abhi looks dapper.He could do with more grooming, the stubble look suits Hrithik types, but Abhi can look suave if he takes the time to shave. Definite improvement!

  11. yes. me like me like. however, i dont know much about saris…so cant comment on what some of u said about havin a traditional blouse.

    abhi of course needs to lose some weight.

    btw i think i like the shoes…they look a bit similar to this style,

    (thats from ur site) but then again, in this pic, i could be mistakin the cool design on the shoe as just being the bottom of the sari! lol

    if u guys can, can u plz post the pics of her shoes?

  12. Abhishek looks so good when he smiles….he should do that some more on the red carpet. Great saree Ash, looking great….but not a fan of the hair.

  13. why does ash’s makeup and hair not measure up enough? she is looking tired or something..think she has worn those earrings somewhere..
    AB is looking good.


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