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You Will Be Sorely Missed, Sridevi!

I am sure, like us, you still are quite in shock over the news of Sridevi’s passing. Our sincere condolences go out to the entire Kapoor family.

She was magic on the screen, and off of it! You will be sorely missed, Sridevi. Thank you for all the amazing movies and the sari sightings!

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The Rocky S Collection

Here’s a look at the Rocky S collection that recently launched at Aza… What do y’all think of it?

rocky-s-aza-6.jpg rocky-s-aza-2.jpg

rocky-s-aza-3.jpg rocky-s-aza-4.jpg

rocky-s-aza-5.jpg rocky-s-aza-1.jpg

rocky-s-aza-7.jpg rocky-s-aza-8.jpg


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Between Shobhaa And Satya…

… We were left yawning.

Just a while back, Shobhaa De showed in Colombo and the collection we thought was rather jaded. Nothing we saw made it to our ‘lust list’ and we hope it didn’t Mahima’s either!!

shobhaa-de-colombo-sari-1.jpg shobhaa-de-colombo-sari-3.jpg

Shobhaa De

Okay, so by now its a given that Satya Paul does prints, especially geometric prints really well (mostly). But this seems so uninspired… we miss the spunk we saw sometime back!

neha-dhupia-satya-paul-colombo-sari.jpg satya-paul-colombo-sari-neha-dhupia.jpg

Satya Paul

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An Exercise In Understatement- Almost

Raageshwari off-late has been spotted dressing rather understated which cannot really be faulted!! Between designer-couture shimmer and street-side bling, its always good to see someone who wears her style with simplicity and elegance.

But who said it was a perfect world?

Anyone notice the blouse of choice at the Yami awards? Now, why do they go ruining a good thing?

At Police Diwali Mela

At Yami Awards

Source, Source

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Festive Cocktail Saris: One Part Gin, One Part Tacky!


Shobhaa De recently launched her own line of Festive Cocktail Saris and while the lady is to be admired, she definitely doesn’t cut it as a designer, and I’d leave it off the resume if I were her! The Saris were quite your average ‘Neighborhood And Sons’ fare!


Now, did I hear ‘Cocktail’ somewhere? (hic)

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