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In Two Avatars

How do you like your Imran Khan, dressed-down or (relatively) dressed up?


Left: At Police Diwali Mela
Right: At ‘Quantum Of Solace’ Premiere

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There are some men who can wear pink. And some who clearly can’t. Unfortunately, Jackie Shroff falls into the latter category.

And so when we spotted him at the Police Diwali Mela, it screamed ‘Upgrade’!!


Left: At Hard Rock Cafe
Right: At Police Diwali Mela

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Guess Tanushree hasn’t yet gotten ‘metallic’ (of the not so great variety) out of her system!

The tights could have been edgy perhaps but its hard to tell with so many elements thrown in… Black bow pumps, neon metallic blue tights, charcoal black top, red patent bag… whew!!


Tanushree Dutta At Police Diwali Mela


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Like Mother, Like Daughter!

Looking at these two reminds me of how I always borrowed stuff from Mum, except I never returned it! 😉

Sunita Kapoor

Sonam Kapoor

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An Exercise In Understatement- Almost

Raageshwari off-late has been spotted dressing rather understated which cannot really be faulted!! Between designer-couture shimmer and street-side bling, its always good to see someone who wears her style with simplicity and elegance.

But who said it was a perfect world?

Anyone notice the blouse of choice at the Yami awards? Now, why do they go ruining a good thing?

At Police Diwali Mela

At Yami Awards

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