You Will Be Sorely Missed, Sridevi!


I am sure, like us, you still are quite in shock over the news of Sridevi’s passing. Our sincere condolences go out to the entire Kapoor family.

She was magic on the screen, and off of it! You will be sorely missed, Sridevi. Thank you for all the amazing movies and the sari sightings!


  1. Utterly shocked and confused learning this! She lead a disciplined and regimented life! To pass away from cardiac arrest!!!!! So sorry for her daughters!!!! Can’t digest this news……

  2. I am in total disbelief. I grew up watching her movies and she is absolutely my fav actress. She was born for the camera. She had immense screen presence, highly versatile actress and a fashion icon. It will take a me a long time to digest this sad news.
    RIP sridevi madam

  3. Utterly shocking and hard to believe. She is a legend and a powerhouse of talent. She was magic on screen and she ws my favorite actress growing up. It feels like a part of my childhood is lost. I wish her family strength and peace.

  4. The sari loses its biggest brand ambassador. Sridevi was like a real angel who descended on to the screen to a 13 yr old me in the Telugu movie Jagadeka veerudu athiloka Sundari. Spectacularly good looking and funny at the same time. Reality hits to know she too was mortal after all:(

  5. So, so sad. Such an icon, as an actor and her fashion sense too; one of my first sarees purchases was the iconic plain chiffon saree of the ‘Yash Raj’ film….Chandani…R.I.P.

  6. It really is so sad to know she passed away without her family by her side. As we know Jhanvi didn’t go to Dubai, but Boney Kapoor and Khushi came back to India two days ago. Still in absolute shock! Rip Chandni!

  7. Utterly heartbreaking. Sridevi is my all time favorite actor. Her grace, acting, dancing.. just something else. Truly a star. Horribly too soon to be gone. Wishing her family and the kids the strength to deal with this.

  8. Just so shocking, she was my most favorite actress, aah can’t even remember how many times I have watched Laadla movie , one of her mind blowing performance for me….. aahhh I am just so sad. I am going to miss Sridevijis appearances on HHC .. was always waiting for her photos on this website , Bijli Girane mein hun aayi kahete hain mujko hawa hawai, Rest In Peace Srideviji.

  9. Cant believe that the Legend passed on. Sridevi was indeed an Icon in many movie industries. You will continue to live in many hearts. Rest in Peace, beautiful! <3

  10. I just cannot process this…how can she be gone? She was a living breathing lesson in the art of cinema. Could anyone else pull off her costumes and attitude in Khuda Gawah? More than anybody else she was the true Superstar of Indian Cinema. The others, especially the male Superstars cannot claim to have been stars in both the South and North Indian film industries. They can’t claim to span genres and generations like she did. Fondest, fondest memories of childhood are tied to dancing to her songs and laughing at her comic timing. Absolutely heartbreaking-prayers and love to her young daughters.

  11. Gorgeous woman..great dancer talented actress and always gracefully dressed up . Protective mother I grew up watching her movies her and follow her all the time.
    She standing holding hands to her bful daughters, never looked an inch less beautiful ..RIP

  12. The person who is in her fittest self, humble, cared for her family and friends with no track record of bad deeds- why such tragedy. Goes on to tells us to stop running for materialistic life and have quality time with the loved ones. There is no tomorrow to say love you, no tomorrow to bury a grudge, no tomorrow to sit and listen to what our children say. So emotional right now.

  13. Mom is mom for everyone…she did everything to lay a platform for jhanvi…and left before she could even see her daughter on screen…now I doubt what shape their careers gonna take and how far boney wil help…more strength to them..

  14. Been a few hours since I heard this and it’s still very hard to get over the shock.

    What a beautiful woman, actress and amazing dancer …. Truly a star both in the South and North of India , she will be missed.


  15. Just in utter shock and disbelief…. i grew up watching her movies she was such a big part of my growing years. Lamhe, Kshna Kshanam, Chalbaaz, Chandini, English Vinglish…. We’ll miss you darling Sri, we love you.

  16. P&P, thanks for dong an. homage. Absolutely devastated…. She was mesmerizing and had such presence. Her acting in Moondram Pirai/ Sadma was a master class by itself. A loss to the film industry and to fashion lovers …gone too soon…but will never be forgotten

  17. when others criticized her dress or posts in HHC..i never ever thought she looked bad in any of them! in fact stylists would screw up as they didnt know how to dress her up..but she would still shine through in whatever she wore! She had that light and aura….I will definitely miss her and on these pages.

    • Shiren, couldn’t have said better. Sridevi made even the horrible costumes work for her. And in good ones, she made them priceless!
      I am grieving as bad as losing my family member. Because I grew up watching her movies and always wondered how could an actress be so versatile onscreen and shy offscreen.
      There are many memorable songs of her in Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam and Hindi in good saris.

  18. Sridevi’s was an amazing journey, from small town to the big league’s through sheer hard work, grit and determination. Always admired and was always inspired by her style evolution as she and I grew older. There is nobody amongst her peers who can fill this spot.

  19. Shocking! RIP, Sridevi. Gone too soon. And deepest condolences to her family.

    Hopefully we as a fashion loving community will try to be kinder towards those featured here and not set impossible standards in terms of looks, youth and body size.

  20. Lamhe was the first Indian movie that made me cry. I was 8, too young to grasp the brilliance of it and yet completely moved! She was sparkling, innocent, funny, emotional & magical. Truly heartbroken. Yeh lamhe, yeh pal ham…

  21. My most favorite and memorable Sridevi moment will be when I was watching ‘Vaazhve Maayam’ movie in tv when I was a teen. All through the movie my aunt who was visiting us was saying ‘Sridevi used to look so good in this film and especially the songs. She is/always will be a true blue diva’ while I was sitting there thinking ‘Yea she looks good ,not in a divaesque way but in a very girl-next-door way so what’s the big deal ?’. Then there came a scene towards the end of a song where she descends the stairs in a simple black see-through sari with Kamal looking at her with tears in his eyes..AND THAT WAS IT !! I was completely enamored looking at her and finally realising what the hype about her was all about . She was wearing a simple sari ,barely-there makeup and jewellery having a sombre expression in her face and still looking like a queen !! Such a beautiful lady with an exquisite face, features and figure.
    It is no mean feat that even after so many years she looks so gorgeous that she could give all the other heroines ,be it from any era, a run for their money in terms of both beauty and talent .
    My heart goes out to Jhanvi ,Khushi and the rest of her family on whom her loss will be more pronounced. And to think she passed away before her daughter’s debut film released only makes her passing away all the more sad…:(
    You will be sorely missed mam . #RIPSridevi

  22. Chandini, Mr India, Lamhe and Chaalbaaz was my entire childhood as I’m sure for many others here. All those memories were just dashed- so heartbreaking :(

  23. She is blessed. No suffering, no long term ailment- no wrinkling, dementia, and all that aging bring. She left still in her prime. Her aura intact. Sridevi will never have to grow old. Forever, forever now her luminosity will remain immortalized. On her end, she had a magnificent exit. For those left behind…

  24. Sridevi is the only reason I visit this site. Her page from this blog is in my browser fav. I can’t wait to see what’s her most recent look would be like. Now, no more …
    I am not a fashion follower. I am Sridevi follower. I grew up watching her movies in Telugu and Hindi.
    It’s not a simple achievement to be ruling queen been in Tamil, Telugu and Hindi at the same time in 80s and not to mention she did hits in Malayalam and Kannada too.

    She is the only actress I know who changed appearance and styling to keep up with times. She was always fashion forward.
    I spent my teens (like millions others) watching her movies and into the adulthood too.

    I never fully understood why people take a celebrity loss too personally. NOW, I know. The pain of losing my fav actress is no less than a personal loss. I spend several hours every week going through her old time comedy and song clips and visit HHC for her latest appearance in public.

    I am proud to say I belong to a generation that could see Sridevi working in her movies during her prime time.
    The internet, YouTube will keep her alive for the rest of the digital age.
    She’s irreplaceable.

    More than 20 hours passed, and I still can’t seem to come to terms that our beloved Sridevi is no more …

  25. I haven’t posted on HHC in ages but had to for this post…I grew up watching Sridevi from Sadma to Mom. She is one of those rare actresses in mainstream cinema who had the range from comedy to tragedy and everything in between. I was in India recently and a movie of hers with Jeetendra was on TV and I sat through it even though it was utterly horrible because I was mesmerized by her. She is irreplaceable and will be missed. Non-South Asian friends of mine were asking me to compare her to a Hollywood actress for reference and I couldn’t because she’s just so unique. Her screen presence is something that cannot be compared to any other and she is one of those rare actresses who out-shone every actor she acted with including Amitabh Bacchan. I too woke up wishing this was a hoax and it will take a while to sink in that she’s gone. Rest in Power Sridevi! <3

    • I explained this to someone at work today as: imagine someone with the super-stardom of Angelina Jolie plus the acting range/body of work of Meryl Streep, and the vulnerability of Marilyn Monroe and you sort of come close to understanding Sridevi in her heyday.

  26. You’ll be truly missed sridevi
    I’m still sitting here in disbelief. Chalbaaz and Mr India are like my all time favourites and i shall pass on your beautiful legacy down.


  27. I loved her in Lamhe and Chaalbaaz. I grew up watching her movies. May her soul achieve what it seeks. Prayers and thoughts for her daughters.

  28. Quintessential superstar of Indian cinema is gone and it is an end of an era.There was no one before and will be after the engima that was SRIDEVI. May her beautiful soul rest in peace.

    The trolls who left nasty comments on all her posts and are still continuing to do thumbs down on her condolence messages, may find solace from the hate and get served exactly by the karma.

  29. Can’t believe I won’t be seeing her sight in this blo anymore
    She was iconic
    A fashionista
    A very talented person
    Drop dead gorgeous even at this age
    I hope her soul Rest In Peace
    And may god gives strength to her entire family

  30. Sorry P&P, your homage felt inadequate and insincere to me. She graced your pages for so long, and this is all you got? The comments have been more genuine and heartfelt than your write up. You may not have been fans but surely you could have done better? Reading your ‘homage’ it felt as though you just had to get it done, and get back to business as usual.
    And that hahaha by Payal? That was inconsiderate and inappropriate.
    Maybe I’m being judgmental…but I had to write this.

    • Hi Raindrop,
      This was our post as soon as we heard the news on the day of. We all were and are still in shock. Having said that, will we do more of an homage? We don’t know. For us, anything more feels unnecessary. Especially with the rest of the media going on and on about her as a way to grab clicks. We aren’t that kind of people and try to not run this site that way. The nature of this business has become a lot of “Damn if you do, Damn if you don’t”. And so, we rather at this point, want to just be and enjoy our memories of her by revisiting her movies.

      Say when we want to say something. Keep quiet when we have nothing to say.

      We hope that makes sense.

  31. Cannot believe someone out there is actively clicking ‘dislike’ on these comments. These are condolences, please stop putting them to the test of internet likeability…

  32. The only Sridevi I knew was the Sridevi of yesteryear Telugu movies. I idolized Sridevi among women and Kamal among men for their unparalleled good looks and acting. Jagadeka Veerudu Atiloka Sundari was absolutely magical. She truly was a DevaKanya. I could get lost in those big soulful eyes. Her interviews were an absolute shock. Is this the woman who can captivate the audience in any role? Could she really be this down to earth and soft spoken? It was hard to compare her onscreen persona to her gentle demeanor off of it. I refused to believe that she had a difficult personal life. The Sridevi of my dreams deserved nothing less than the best. I would like to continue to believe that she lived like a queen and died like a queen.


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