In Two Avatars

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How do you like your Imran Khan, dressed-down or (relatively) dressed up?


Left: At Police Diwali Mela
Right: At ‘Quantum Of Solace’ Premiere

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  1. yes its ‘relatively dressed up’and i do like his attempt to do semi casual by pairing the jacket with his converse but that man sseriously needs to get his eyebrows done.:O

  2. I like Imran Khan, dressed down, dressed up, naked (haha)…. but clean shaved!!! This scruffy look doesn’t look too cute on his beautiful face.

  3. How do I like Imran Khan? In anything at all. The guy is pure perfection. He could work anything.
    I don’t think there are even words to describe how sublimely handsome he is. And don’t even let me get started on his voice! *swooooon*

  4. I love Imran Khan, period.
    He’s my soulmate:D
    I haven’t seen such a honest and well-balanced actor (after his uncle) in a while- and how refreshing is he!
    (althoug, these are not the best pics of him)

  5. darling, i’ll take him any which way!
    though every time i see him, my initial delight is followed by a sense of guilt – i just turned 30 and it seems so wrong to be ogling such a young thing…

  6. I agree with k=kirthi. He looks like a baby with a beard.. now something might be wrong with this picture..but has he dyed his beard a different color? It apears lighter.

  7. You know i like the fact that he doesnt do he eyebrows!
    Makes him look more real, i mean come on you want him to have thin sleek eyebrows, lets get real, he’s a man and he has think eyebrows!!!!


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