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Ash In Neeta Lulla


Aaargh, not only I am sick of seeing Aishwarya in peachy ensembles, I am also not digging this Neeta Lulla sari. Hate the way the sequins are shining through the sari!

While Perizaad looked good while wearing one, noone else has been able to pull the sequin blouse off at all!

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The "Sticks Out Like A Sore Thumb Award" Goes..


..to Ms. Kangana Ranaut who showed up dressed like this at the Jodhaa Akbar Premiere.

We hope she had a good excuse for being dressed like this! Luggage got lost? Shooting just got over? Hopefully these are one of her reasons!

Battle Of The Star Wives!


Yes, Aishwarya is a star in her own right, but since she wants to be low-key, we are going to categorize her as a star wife! ;)

Having said that, which star wife stole the show at the Jodhaa Akbar premiere. Suzanne or Aishwarya.

Personally, I prefered Suzanne’s white ensemble over Aishwarya’s pink!


Suzanne, Hrithik and Pinky Roshan


Battle Of The Gold!


A premiere of a royal movie had to make people wear their most glamourous outfit. Neeta Lulla and Rekha chose to wore gold saris. Which sari do you prefer? The understated modernized sari that Neeta wore or the traditional shiny sari that Rekha wore?

Neeta Lulla @ Jodhaa Akbar Premiere

Rekha @ Jodhaa Akbar Premiere


From Drab To Fab!


You would think people would wear a good outfit to the premiere of their own movie. Nop, not quite! Case and point, Minissha Lamba, who showed up dressed shabbily to the premiere of Shaurya but stepped it up for the premiere of Jodhaa Akbar.

Tsk Tsk. Bad Minnisha! Producers need to write a new clause into all contracts. Actors must dress well at the premiere of their own movie!

Shaurya Premiere

Jodhaa Akbar Premiere