Battle Of The Gold!

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A premiere of a royal movie had to make people wear their most glamourous outfit. Neeta Lulla and Rekha chose to wore gold saris. Which sari do you prefer? The understated modernized sari that Neeta wore or the traditional shiny sari that Rekha wore?

Neeta Lulla @ Jodhaa Akbar Premiere

Rekha @ Jodhaa Akbar Premiere


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  1. REKHA the epitome of beauty, grace and sensuality…oh she’s just too way too good. she never ceases to amaze with her ensemble at any award function. Although kanjeevarams have been her trademark along with heavy jewelry, I would love to see her in chiffons and other kinds of saarees.

    Payal or Priya, how come French Chiffon is not popular in India? Us Nepali women LOVE i mean LOVE french chiffon sarees that are very light and are embroidered. I asked an indian boutique owner about french chiffon saarees and she said she’s never heard about them. They are incredibly light, can pass through a ring but can comes in all kinds of embroideries.

    Anyways, Rekha should step outside the box and try other kinds of sarees and she’d even look good in some of those heavily embroidered churidaars.

    Neeta Lulla on the other hand didn’t impress me. Although she’s desinged terrific outfits for movies like Devdas, Kajra re song etc., i’ve never seen herself in good ensembles. oh boy!!

  2. btw, where can i find kanjeevarams the kinds that rekha wears all the time? i know they must be super expensive but i checked online every website but couldn’t find anything close to rekha’s…no where..any idea Priya and payal?


  3. Neeta Lulla looks tacky and her bangs needed to go yesterday – nothing new. Nothing great about Rekha’s look too – same old same old. I haven’t gotten over the scare I got when I saw her in the Om Shanti Om song. gosh!

  4. You can get Kaanjeevarams in India – they start at about 20,000 rupees and go to more than a lakh. Nalii sarees has a website you can check them out.

  5. Neeta Lulla’s outfit is it a modernized saree or reemergence of the davani????? tired of seeing rekhs in so much gold.. better if she toned it down a bit!…….. saree in it self should be close to Rs. 50,000/-. Chennai is still the best place to shop. Nalli’s, Pothy’s etc have goos websites for pics not sure abt online buying.
    Beware of the fake kanchipurams.

  6. i dont like either!!!
    there are loads of places u can get Kanjeevarams from…but the best ones u get in Chennai and Comimbatore! And if you go to the right stores you can get them a lot lesser than Rs20,000. Keep in mind Nalli is way over priced!

  7. neeta lulla’s bangs make me want to poke my eyes out – i know stark reaction but she’s had them forever and they dont suit her. dont like either of the outfits. rekha really needs to tone down the gold.

  8. I keep telling myself that one of these days Rekha is going to spring a suprise on us with something else other than a Kanjeevaram/Gold combo…and it;s been more than 5 yrs…and I am still waiting…….

  9. you know i fail to see what people find so divine about rekha.

    like i actually want to know, because i don’t see it…i’m sure i’m missing out on something here…and no, i actually am not being sarcastic! lol

    if given a choice…i think i would go for Neeta Lulla’s sari…with a diff. blouse. i’m not into shiny stuff


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