Ash In Neeta Lulla

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Aaargh, not only I am sick of seeing Aishwarya in peachy ensembles, I am also not digging this Neeta Lulla sari. Hate the way the sequins are shining through the sari!

While Perizaad looked good while wearing one, noone else has been able to pull the sequin blouse off at all!

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  1. Aishwarya i love you dahling but pleeeese no more neeta lulla and no more peach, beige, red, pink, green!!!!!!!!!!! did they run out of designers in mumbai? and is that my man hrithik behind ya??

    step outside the box Ash and what’s with the heavy make up and the SAME ol’ hairstyle?? You used to part your hair in the middle and sometimes let it loose while sometimes tie it up and you looked really nice…we’re tired of seeing you in the same kind of ensemble (i mean the total look) all the time.

  2. what happened to her noodle strap/bikini styled blouses, post marriage she is wearing very conservative clothes especially blouses like a good homely girl, we know what you are so why try to create an illusion by being delusional!!!!!she is taking the “Bachan” tag way too seriously 🙂

  3. Why is her taste so bad? Even a jeans and t-shirt she wears go wrong. Maybe we wouldn’t have been this harsh if she weren’t miss world, if she hadn’t modelled, if she hadn’t travelled around and attended big international events, not to forget the criticisms (I thought ppl learn from mistakes). After all these and at her 30s, I thought she could be so much better, and it is also part of her job. That’s why it’s a toture for us because she makes it look like she can get away with her beautiful face.
    I don’t know why is she always wearing the same white ring in the particular index finger and the saphire ring. I know none of my business and it may have to do with whatever good luck or protecion, but I guess it bothers because when someone constantly makes public appearance and that you have to endure the why oh why pain. Enough said.

  4. She never had good taste in clothes, I have gone for shopping expiditions with her when we are abroad for shows and reel at the taste she displays (or lack of it), about her looking married, she cannot help it, she has that orge for a mom- in- law, but I agree she needs to lose Neeta

  5. I agree with you Nepali. I don’t care about the rings because perhaps that IS some kind of good luck or good health charm so it’s okay but the clothes!! my GOD! it’s getting unbearable now.

    Anonymous, can you pleeeese tell her to read this blog if you have her no. so she can perhaps bring some change in her wardrobe and hairstyle.

    Even with the bikini style blouses, when she wore them she wore them ALL the time until she got married. there are so many styles of blouses and i’m sure she can very well afford it.

    And the fact that she’s currently not working so she should have plenty of time to consult with designers, shop around.

    It is seriously a Torture for us! 🙂

  6. hate sequins with a passion in all sizes, shapes and colors. ash needs to change the monotony of her looks. the only thing different about all the other premieres and functions she has attended are her clothes. and that too leaves nothing to be desired.


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