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Birkin Watch!


It’s been a while since we spotted one and the latest entrant to the ‘Birkin Watch’ is Juhi. Can’t be sure since the image is bad, but we suspect she is carrying the smaller version also seen on Anju Taraporewala.

P.S. We’ll post more pics once we find her carrying it more.


Juhi Chawla


Hermes Indian Fantasies


I loved the Indian themed windows at the Hermes store in Paris and really wanted to post its picture for y’all to see but because I just couldn’t get the flash right to take a picture and partly because I was mortified standing outside the Hermes window taking a picture and being thrown looks that screamed ‘@#$%* tourists’ I decided to quit! ;) But then, I found the exact pictures of the store window in question online and here they are…

In the first image, on the left side you should be able to spot a Birkin in a paisely print! Perhaps the only Birkin I wont be lusting after ever!






Those denims…!! Good Lord!


Queeny Dhody

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

Birkin Baby!


If the woman’s clutch collection was anything to go by, a Birkin was but of course expected!


Anu Deewan At ‘Araish’ Event

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

Vogue India August: Decoded


dolce_gabbana_gautami.jpg gautami_dolce_vogue.jpg

Gautami in modified Dolce & Gabbana Pre-Fall 2008

hermes_resshmi.jpg resshmi_hermes_vogue.jpg

Resshmi in Hermes Spring 2008

burberry_gauri.jpg gauri_burberry_vogue.jpg

Gauri in Burberry Spring 2008

drashta_shweta.jpg shweta_drashta_vogue.jpg

Shveta Salve In Drashta Fall 2008

As for the others:
Sanjeeda – Gauri and Nainika
Shilpa -Suneet Verma
Tina – Ranna Gill