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Dress Code


At a recent promotional event, both ladies stuck to the prescribed color code by pairing their white button-down shirts with blue (Sonali in denims and Prachi in a tulip skirt)…

If we were to pick one who stood out more, it’d have to be Sonali. The only gripe we have are those beads… As much of a visual interest they bring to the outfit, wish she picked something else over these particular ones. In any case, it sure is good to see her give those bib necklaces a break!

Sonali Bendre (Far Left) And Prachi Desai (Far Right) At A Promotional Event

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

It’s Relative


Which of Sameera’s looks do you prefer?

I for one, completely dislike the Burberry ruffle shirt (left). And so by default prefer her in the khakis.

Hope she changes it up with her next appearance… am not sure how many more of these “looks” we can handle from the lovely Ms. Reddy.


Sameera Reddy
Far Left, Left: At ‘Red Alert‘ Press Meet
Right, Far Right: At Moet Hennessey Event

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

Belting It Out


We’ve seen many a celebrity don the Hermes belt… A close second seems to be Ferragamo

Whatever their belts bring to their outfits, the shoes taketh away.


Viveka Babajee (Left) And Nethra Raghuraman

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

Belting It Out


Spotted Riya Sen at the music launch of her latest movie sporting a Ferragamo belt.

Belts aside, another one of our major pet peeves happens to be grown women baring their midriffs at occasions that hardly call for it.

For that matter, what occasion does?


Left: Riya Sen At ‘Paying Guest’ Music Launch
Right: Ferragamo Classic Leather Belt

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani