Belting It Out

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Spotted Riya Sen at the music launch of her latest movie sporting a Ferragamo belt.

Belts aside, another one of our major pet peeves happens to be grown women baring their midriffs at occasions that hardly call for it.

For that matter, what occasion does?


Left: Riya Sen At ‘Paying Guest’ Music Launch
Right: Ferragamo Classic Leather Belt

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Wow she looks like middle school girls from four years ago. Jeans? Check. White belt? Check? Slightly short tshirt? Check. All we need is the ‘Hollister’ on the t-shirt and I’m back at school!

    Riya Sen, you have a rockin bod, work with it!

  2. i think everyones jealous of riya she looks great !sen !!! cos shes the hottest !!!! love her belt n how she holds her own

  3. Yeah this isn’t too bad, but I was horrified to see that cropped tops are back – and totally agree with P&P, the bare midriff look is just wrong unless you’re on a beach…!

  4. @ Pri – LOL I was thinkin on the same lines as you!! Its a very college girl look which isn’t settling well on her!! And I think the top most valid reason for women baring their midriff (toned or not!!) is when they wear saris… that’s a worthy reason!!

  5. I just wanted to congratulate and acknowledge Riya on losing so much weight, she looks absolutely great! 🙂 YOU GO GIRL!

    Hey, if i looked that good with a toned tummy like that, i would bare some midriff toooo! She looks cute, nothing spectacular…i can’t wait to see her in something sexy with her new figure

  6. so school-girl/
    why wouldnt they learn to dress up… if she needed to show her yummy tummy.. she could go with sari…

  7. Who decides baring what part is okay ?
    for some barings legs in short dresses is okay for some off theshoulder dreeses are ppl if baring any part is okay with you midriff is just another part


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