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Which of Sameera’s looks do you prefer?

I for one, completely dislike the Burberry ruffle shirt (left). And so by default prefer her in the khakis.

Hope she changes it up with her next appearance… am not sure how many more of these “looks” we can handle from the lovely Ms. Reddy.


Sameera Reddy
Far Left, Left: At ‘Red Alert‘ Press Meet
Right, Far Right: At Moet Hennessey Event

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. the looks are a mix..Hair in the second one sucks..first one better..where as the top is better for second and bottom for first!
    Sameera you are confused like your movies!
    FAIL both!

  2. In the left one, she should have gone for grey pants/jeans instead of a dark blue one. As the black & blue look is very dark.

  3. Sameera is blessed with exotic features which naturally oozes sexiness. Its a pity that I have never seen her dress eloquently.

  4. hey priyanka why you dont like the shirt with the jeans look ?:) i thought black shirt blue jeans combo cant go wrong! 🙂

    • I dislike the Burberry shirt with the ruffle detail more than anything else. That’s why picked the other look.

      A well-tailored shirt with denims is a classic and works well. Just that, the shirt itself in this case didn’t quite do it for me.


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