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At a recent promotional event, both ladies stuck to the prescribed color code by pairing their white button-down shirts with blue (Sonali in denims and Prachi in a tulip skirt)…

If we were to pick one who stood out more, it’d have to be Sonali. The only gripe we have are those beads… As much of a visual interest they bring to the outfit, wish she picked something else over these particular ones. In any case, it sure is good to see her give those bib necklaces a break!

Sonali Bendre (Far Left) And Prachi Desai (Far Right) At A Promotional Event

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Don’t like Soha’s belt & Sonali’s beads…..but how gorgeous does Sonali look………she is in such good shape……..well done girl 🙂

  2. Sonali looks good but I would have preferred if she left those beads at home and Prachi needs to visit a hair stylist pronto, I think it is the hair that makes her always look so blah.

  3. beads need to go. or her hair needed to be in a ponytail. regardless, she still looks pretty. Love the Smile.

    Prachi just looks boring and flat. Hair needs improvement!

  4. Prachi would have looked great had she ditched the tacky belt – her tulip skirt fits her well and is interesting enough. I do like her hair and makeup and otherwise simple look. (She should loan her makeup artist to PC and Deepika.) As for Sonali, you guys said it best.


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