Sorry For The Interruption. (But Not Really.)

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As much as we like to stick to fashion and fashion only on these pages, there are times when it’s important to speak up and this is one such time.

We (Priyanka and Payal) stand in solidarity with the students of Jamia, AMU and those students letting their voices be heard all over India.

If you are sitting on the sidelines waiting for this to pass or because it doesn’t affect you or simply because you haven’t educated yourself fully on the subject yet, please pause, take a minute and read up on it. It is important to stand on the right side of history and this is your chance. Read, speak, dispel propaganda, signal boost and amplify what is happening.

It doesn’t feel right to go on blogging as if nothing is happening so we will be going offline for a bit. Please consider this our way of participating in this very important movement.

We are closing comments on this post but hope you do your best, and be part of the change.

– Priyanka and Payal

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