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Giving princess-y volume a miss, Sonam brought the drama via custom Elie Saab couture. Wispy updo and custom jewelry from Kalyan Jewellers rounded out the actor’s red carpet look.

We haven’t seen her do a gown like this before, so it certainly felt fresh. The look had a very ‘One Thousand and One Nights’ vibe, the reboot version of course. She looked great!

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  1. Checked the pics posted by L’oreal already n I am actually feeling scared. Just look how tight the gown is at bust! Must be really painful! In some of the pics posted by L’oreal, one can notice how the breasts are squeezed n seems like neckline can anytime cut through the skin. I am mentioning all this because such tight clothing have some serious health hazards! Fashion is one thing but how far celebrities have to go though for the sake of vanity by putting their health at risk raises the question- the worth of such high-fashion!

    • Agree. It ?is not specific to Sonam alone. It’s to do with almost all celebrities. They are anorexic, wear tight clothes that surely are health hazards. Look at some celebrities who are wafer-thin. One thing is they ruin their health, and second they are a bad role models for children who are easily influenced. But then, this blog may not be the right place to discuss fashionable? hazards

  2. She looks great n this something different…
    Nice to see deepika, Sonam n ash do such varied yet impactful looks at cannes

    But I feel the makeup is a bit off….
    Sonam for once comes across as effortless …

  3. Did you guys deliberately not post her sari look? It was comical to say the least .Would have loved your gushing take on that Tshirt blouse and chamkili cheap looking sari look.

    That bust area here though :/
    Sonam is such a try hard .

    • Haha. Best comment here. You nailed it. Sonam’s only claim to fame is her self-proclaimed fashionista tag, and she has flopped badly here. Her makeup and hair are appalling even in this red carpet appearance. L’Oreal has clearly relegated her to B-list status, which is why she doesn’t even have decent make up and hair looks.

      • Not a Sonam fan..
        but I always want to clarify on why Sonam and fashion has always been such a big debate.
        She is the one who changed the industry fashion game… stylists.. big labels.. upcoming designers.. high fashion .. high-street fashion .. you name it ad she brought it to the entire industry.
        Does anyone even remember the days before Sonam came on to the scene??? Yes.. the stars always dressed up and Bollywood hardly looked beyond MM and AJSK.
        From a fashion bloggers perspective… it was her attitude towards dressing up that brought this big wave where ‘looks’ became that important for celebrities. That can be a good or bad thing depending on how you take it ..but credit needs to be given where it is due.
        Even if she is a self-proclaimed fashionista… what is wrong with that.. there will be hits and misses along the way.
        There is no need to crucify the girl for loving to dress up.

  4. Gorgeous and how! Muah, love her so much.. goes on to show that the right makeup can do wonders ! DP, Aish, Sonam ..they are all making us proud on the international carpet… even Amy and Malaika are having a good run this year…

  5. Umm is this for a wedding or the red carpet?

    I love Sonam but doesn’t this look feel a little more Shaadi oriented than a red carpet appearance? I really don’t see any drama here.

    Sometimes I sense a great bias in your posts and thats alright. We all have our favourites, but I feel she is capable of more. Way more than this!

  6. Though as someone who admires her, I have to admit she pulls it off. I love her face up! Grr, Its just I was expecting something a little more than the feminine route all the girls end up taking. She’s our only hope to provide something a little out of the box. Sigh…

  7. She looks gorgeous! Delectable and hawt!
    Happy to see all Indian actresses do good this year..
    She looks lovely..
    But her makeup could’ve been better..totally loved hathphool

  8. Absolutely gorgeous…these pictures dont do justice to this look….its not just an appearance…its an idea where rose gold make up from loreal…soft updo….eliesaab gown and traditional indian jewellery from kalyan jewellery have been brought together to create an imagination come live….
    Kudos to namrata for the makeup coz the makeup binds it all…
    Kudos to rhea for the concept…for bringing indian jewel pieces like haathphool to such platform….
    Love to sonam for her undying zeal to experiment…
    To those who dont like the makeup plz check instagram for better pics…
    To those who are questioning the fit of the gown…thats a sad reality of the whole modelling world….not just this look..lets talk about it some other time…:-)

  9. “Giving princess-y volume a miss”, oh the shade! Waiting for Team x vs Team Y comments in 3,2,1.
    Jokes apart, she looks amazing. Absolutely love that dress!

    • As an afterthought, maybe she could have looked better with smaller earrings and less bushy brows. The earrings and brows here make her look too Arab, and not in a good way.

  10. She looks great but the look doesn’t WOW me like her appearance last year did. And I don’t like the Jewellery or matching makeup. Say whatever about Aishwarya not trying anything different but all anyone is talking about is her being The Queen of Cannes.

    • Comments about Ms. Bachchan being the queen of Cannes is just a PR gag coined by her handlers and propagated by her her fans and nothing else!

  11. Love the gown and she wears it beautifully, especially the jewels. Makeup could have been toned down. Good start because she certainly has my attention.

  12. That gown looks so good on her…whimsical. Eyeshadow and earrings are match much.

    I am so proud of representation of India at Cannes this year. From Nandita Das to DP. Everyone is bringing their inherent style to the red carpet and I love it!

  13. When I got married, I avoided the haath-phool like the plague. Few years down the line they were reinvented and became quite an interesting piece of jewellery!! Sonam’s maha-tacky haath-phool reminded me why I hated them as much!! That being said, Sonam looks absolutely ethereal. Her shaky start in the nonsensical t-shirt saree combo, I am glad ended right there. Her not venturing into the experimental-for-the-heck-of-being-experimental territory has reaped dividends. Lovely!!

  14. Nice color….too tight a fit, even if it’s custom. Hair seems very off/unkempt. Bt much better than the saree n white blouse !!!

  15. She looked beautiful !!!
    But Sonam always brings drama at Cannes and I was actually hoping she wud this year as well.
    It was quite a surprise that she came out kinda simple and elegant this year

  16. Nothing new, Aishwarya has worn similar type of Elie Saab gowns before without that drape. The fit is too tight and the makeup too chalky. She never gets her makeup right, always a let down.

  17. she looks fabulous…. after seeing her in that dreaded saree ,i had given up on her….i think overall this look works …and she is looking beautiful….

  18. She looks nice but nothing Wow and there is too much jewellery. If anyone else did that P & P say too much or very gaudy. I like the makeup. Face looking pretty. Why haven’t you posted the tacky sari yet?

  19. This is an ok appearance by Sonam. She has done much better in the past. Nevertheless she looks beautiful and very soft and feminine.

  20. She looked great…from which angle?
    The shape of the dress is gorgeous but the stuffed in boobs dont look good at all. The hair is a mess as is the make up. No energy at all, no vibrance, its a lacklustre appearance.

  21. I am not a Sonam fan at all, but I think she looks lovely here. Much better than the others who were at Cannes this year. Her saree look is ridiculous though

  22. She looks beautiful and radiant and poised.
    But this is all done previously .
    Blush pink contemporary saree she wore 2-3 years back and like the Cape kinda of dresses last year .
    And this seem to be her favourite color for red carpet.
    So I see nothing new or out of the box being done .
    She is fresh and lovely and young due to dewy make up and messy updo, kudos to ppl to did that.
    That being said this dress style is already been over exploited in Indian weddings in last 2 seasons.and have seen girls looking amazing and even more beautiful and graceful than she is looking.
    I hope she ups her game and bring some things dramatic . This doesn’t seem to be Cannes worthy look.
    My favourite would still be aishwarya in ice blue ball gown.
    Bdw guys .. there were other Indian actress who were at Cannes and did kinda justice to Cannes fashion.
    I saw pics of Aarti Ravi she did amazing looks in Indian clothes. So I don’t think sonam has pulled anything new of interesting out of her or Rhea’s bag.

    pS- She has amazing face, typical Indian features which look very average and at times dull but when she dresses up it just shines so bright that everyone gets amazed by the beauty.
    Aishwarya is not a typical Indian face , in my opinion sonam is , as I see many girls with sonam like features ,face cut complexion etc in daily life but seldom any one like aishwarya , she is just beautiful .
    That’s my opinion , we can agreee to disagree. 🙂

  23. Very tight at the bust. I wonder how she is breathing! Also, her hair looks like she got done with a workout. Other than that she cuts a pretty picture.


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