In Shivan & Narresh

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Compared to Sonakshi and Deepika, Shilpa went the relatively more casual route in her Shivan & Narresh jumpsuit. Aside from her trusty Bulgari watch, black accessories rounded out the look. The jumpsuit is a perfect fit for the leggy actor; she looked good!


Shilpa Shetty At IIFA 2016, Madrid

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. She always has this hairstyle on and neck up, always looks the same like somebody had said in her last post.. So bored. She seriously needs a new hairdo now.

    • Yes. And jumpsuits dont work on many body types. Her usual choices might be not everyones liking even garish lot of times. But she doesnt do that “holding on to age” stupidity with teen clothes, tweensy demented posing or let the girls out at any given chance just because she has a fantastic body. Lol.

        • Yeah she has such an enviable figure and jumpsuits suit her effing perfect. Like they were made for her. And I think the wannabes of the industry would never come out of their look- at-me phase so they have to forever resort to teen clothing and caricaturish poses. Look at them and you have a a nice dose of laughter anyday

          • Totally! Agree, it is a good dose of laughter coming in everyday by the celebs and also from their silly fans. The raging fans of these shabbily clothed and deranged posing celebs are all the more offended after we mentioned that it reflects their own dressing sense. 😀 Your term “Selective Sympathy” did it IN too. LOLOL. You can see them leave cheap comments like those of jobless gossiping aunties who don’t have any other better work than to henna-dye their already fried hair along with white washing their face . Cheers! 😉

          • HAHAHA 😀 Yes The mere mention of their same ‘great’ taste and same personal choices and use of that particular term did them in LOL 😀 Let them complain as much as to their hearts desire but we will keep voicing our OPINIONS! 🙂


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