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Tacky top. Tacky ensemble.

Mona Singh At ‘Khatron Ke Khiladi’ Bash
Poonam Dhillon At ‘Bollywood Club’ Bash


Poonam Dhillon

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  1. actually the fabric is very very tacky.. like its borrowed from Maganlal dresswala.. the cut is interesting, but in a different fabric..

    PLease send a letter to Poonam D asking her to dress age and figure appropriate?

  2. wow. thats like, eurgh.

    but mona singh can still pull it off BETTER than poonam dhillon.

    ms dhillon…please just wear salwar kameez or sari…or get fit to be able to wear western stuff

  3. OMG .. wht was she thinking.. as for age i think its not a bad colour since fall is ALL about bold colours.. how it could work?
    miss the bag.. go for a black suede or any dull material clutch.. pants should have been flared to flatter her body shapre and def. NOT shiny! shoes would have been fine with such pants.. she wouldve looked good if not great!

  4. yup, the sequins and the colour are tacky. i have a somewhat similar top in black, no sequins, halter neck and it looks gorgeous!

  5. What is wrong with her (poonam)!!!?? I agree with surbhi – you need to write to her and give her some advice! Really…like..what is wrong with her!

  6. oMG that looks like a top from Express – open in the back with a string to tie it together on top.. I bought it in black last year on an impulse, just donated to Goodwill with the tags still on.

    Poonam Dhillon is in major denial…

  7. What has happened to Poonam – mutton dressed as lamb – why must she insist on wearing such ugly unflattering clothes -the other girl kinda pulls it off – thats youth and fresh faced good looks for you – ageing is a bit of b*tch but best to embrace it Ms Dhillon!

  8. Express it is, I have it in that color. I need to go home & try it on again to see if it looks bad on me too!!!

    Poonam, stop wearing clothes meant for girls half your age!


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