The Odd Couple

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How can one look so good and the other pull such a WTHeyyy! How did Bhavna let Chunkey leave the house like that!


Bhavna and Chunkey Pandey,’Rock On’ Premiere


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  1. Bhavna – Ok..I dont like the looks of P n P. Give me back my yellow shirt which we so carefully picked for you to wear to colour coordinate with my clutch. Sigh..P n P. Thats rude.

  2. That woman is radiant.
    Chunky Pandey. What’s with his skin? Dude’s getting leathery. And I was flipping channels and happened to catch this show he was judging. Dude’s like that embarrassing uncle who says stupid things you’ve heard a million times before in a voice thats uncomfortably loud and expects you to applaud that shit. Bleh. I’m over him.

  3. it saddens me greatly to announce that chunkey is distantly related to me. next time i see him at some family function, i’ll try and sneak in some subtle fashion advice :-/


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