In Anand Kabra

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At the Blenders Pride Fashion Tour press meet, Neha Dhupia was dressed in an Anand Kabra tribal print dress, one that was slightly modified from the Summer/Resort 2011 runway. Booties, orange tights and orange lips completed Neha’s look. We like.

Left: Anand Kabra, Summer/Resort 2011
Centre, Right: Neha Dhupia At Blenders Pride Fashion Tour Preview Press Meet

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. very 60s. but she doesnt pull it off very well. if yer gonna do it do it all the way with chunky earrings, blue eyeshadows, headbands and all. still dont see it on her. n neha can u stay away from prints plz?? makes u look so much bigger.

  2. i’m on the fence on this one….. as much as i love colored leggings and tribal prints, the silhouette is is just not flattering at all. and that with print makes her look much bigger.

    • exact thought..
      loved everything about her.. hair, lip color, makeup, dress.. till the time i scrolled down to her tights… 🙁
      y o y.. she did ths.. such a let down..

  3. PnP, you like this? with the orange tights? and the booties? I remember a certain someone had worn pink tights on her dress and you had blown her away.

    Neha looks good knees up. But below the knees belongs to the wtheyyyy category.

  4. personally, i think she’s one of the few Bollywood actresses who actually pushes the boundaries fashion-wise (sonam kapoor and Kalki are a few others that come to mind). This look here, as Kumar wrongly pointed out, isnt ’60’s themed’, so theres really no need for the heinous accessories that he has deemed appropriate. LOVE the entire look , prints, shpe and tights- you really dont need to go skin tight or go a ‘vanilla’ route to look good. Fashion needs to be fun, so you can take risks!

  5. orange tights? so random? and boots? every piece of clothing separate is attractive, but put together is horrible….if she wore some nice skinny braided belt and ditched the orange tights but still went with the boots or maybe even some other pumps, it would have looked niiiice.


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