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Oh good God, what is that outfit?!! What?

And as fun as ‘Miss Marc’ totes are… can we all agree that perhaps Madhoo should retire ’em till she can figure out a better way to carry ’em?

To see Madhoo with another Marc by Marc Jacobs bag, look inside. In comparison, it was a ‘look’ that fared much better. But then anything would in comparison. 😛


Madhoo At Namrata Baruah’s Designer Furniture Launch With Marc By Marc Jacobs ‘Miss Marc’ Tote


Madhoo At Araaish Event

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Her scarf expanded so much that she dn know what do with or where to fit it, so she decided to drape 🙂 LOL
    What on earth is that outfit and who designed it and more so WHO DARED to buy/wear it ?

    • Dear Madhu,
      Can we exchange body and money so that atleast I could put that to good use !! What a waste with both the essentials of fahsion world. Anyways , we coudl send this to Ripley’s Beleive it or not.

  2. i officially give up with this woman. iam speechless. is she the sister of govinda.she is dresses like him. it is another proves of famous labels without fashion style

  3. I’m guessing she would have looked better without the sheet tied around her??? Plus that bag is hideous, especially for an adult. I get adults can look “playful”, but that bag is just downright ugly.

  4. Oh God! I have tears running down my cheeks.. I have laughed so much.. won’t her maid/Kids/husband/friends stop her and say..”Noooo… over my dead body..” ha ! Ha!


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